Bes Way to Position Your Children’s Beds in Feng Shui

The location of your children’s beds within their bedroom can influence their sleeping patterns. One of the greatest influences will be the direction the top of their head points as this will determine what type of energy they absorb during the night. It will also have an influence during the day.

Each direction is associated with a family member and for children it is better to avoid those that are associated with mothers and fathers.

Childrens Beds in Feng Shui Bes Way to Position Your Children’s Beds in Feng Shui

North-west - Father

The chi energy of the north-west is associated with leadership, organizational skills and feeling in control. These are not normally appropriate for a young child who will tend to become difficult to influence and more serious with this kind of chi energy.

North – Middle son

North is a very quiet direction and it can help a child who finds it difficult to sleep. It can also suit a newborn baby. However, only use this direction for a child’s bed temporarily, as the chi energy of the north is too still for a growing child.

North-east Youngest son

This direction is too hard and piercing for good sleep. It could even make your child more prone to tantrums. This is an energy that would be helpful if you think your child, could be more motivated and competitive.

East – Eldest son

East is considered an ideal direction for young people. It carries the energy of growth, making it helpful for a child at the beginning of his or her life. As the energy of the east is most active at the start of the day, it also helps a young person to wake up feeling enthusiastic.

South-east – Eldest Daugther

Turning the bed so that your child’s head points towards the south-east will help him or her feel more imaginative and creative. If facing east is too energizing for your child try this direction as the chi energy will be gentler.

South – Middle daughter

Due to its high energy and hot, fiery nature, sleeping with the top of his or her head pointing south could result in poor sleep for your child. However, the advantage of this direction is that it helps develop quick thinking and a spontaneous spirit.

South-west – Mother

Sleeping with your head pointing south-west is a settled position, which can encourage good sleep. However, the chi energy of the south-west is too mature to be harmonious for a young child, but will encourage practicality and a cautious, caring nature.

Childrens Beds in Feng Shui 1 Bes Way to Position Your Children’s Beds in Feng Shui

West - Youngest daughter

Pointing west combines the benefits of good sleep, with a playful atmosphere. It is more settled and may benefit a child who has difficulty in sleeping well. This can encourage feelings of contentment.

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