Best Way to Train Your Dog to Sit

Teaching “Sit” is another way to get your dog to pay attention and understand that you are boss. “Sit” is also helpful when you need to get a collar on your dog, snap on a leash, cut toenails, clean ears, keep your dog still while you prepare his food, slow your dog down or get him to give you his paw. Teach “Sit” as follows:

  • Say “Sit” as you attract your dog or puppy to look up at a toy or jingling keys. Many puppies and some dogs will automati­cally sit if they try to look over their heads. If your dog does, praise warmly.

Dog to Sit Best Way to Train Your Dog to Sit

  • Say “Sit” and with one hand gently lift your dog’s chin as with the other hand you stroke his back, neck to tail and tuck your hand in beneath his rump, mechanically encouraging him to sit. Praise when he does.
  • Say “Sit” and pull up on your dog’s leash (or collar) as you push gently down on his rump. This is a commonly used method that often works; however, most dogs push back when pushed. So this method is best used as a reminder after your dog has gotten the idea from one of the gentle methods above. When used as a reminder, a light touch on the rump will remind your dog to sit.
  • Once your dog begins to get the hang of “Sit,” ask him to sit when he is highly motivated to obey you—before you place his dinner bowl on the floor, before you snap on his leash to take him out, before he hops into the car, before you toss a ball for him to chase. By using the “Sit,” by integrating this command into your life with your dog, you will be teaching your dog to respond to the “Sit” command without spending much time at all on the teaching. Don’t forget to reinforce your dog’s coop­eration with praise.

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