Best Way to Add Excitement to Your Home with Feng Shui

Lights bring more energy into a space and, therefore, generate a livelier, yang atmosphere. Lights also add one of the components of the sun’s energy and so are associated with fire chi energy.

Representing the summer and midday energy, fire chi energy is used to help you become noticed, to stand out and shine. It is, therefore, useful if you want greater recognition from a partner or work colleague, to improve your social life or to make new friends. As you absorb more fire chi energy you should find it easier to express yourself and let your feelings shine through.

Feng Shui Best Way to Add Excitement to Your Home with Feng Shui

Direct light

Spotlights help to create a more yang environment. They can be useful if you want to activate the chi energy in a particular room, such as a kitchen or a in a specific part of a room, such as a worktop. They can also be used to illuminate a particular area for work, while allowing the rest of the room to remain in natural light. Similarly, low-voltage halogen lighting produces a bright, high-intensity light that is ideal for increasing the flow of yang chi energy through stagnant places. These can be very flexible and used for up- or down-lighting.


Candles are the most yin source of light, radiating a soft orange glow, and having the advantage of not generating any electromagnetic fields (EMF). This type of light is ideal when you want to create a softer, more romantic atmosphere.


Table lamps or floor lamps will make the room feel cosier and more intimate. This is ideal when you want to feel close to someone, have a romantic evening or take your mind off things and relax.


Uplighting encourages an upward flow of chi energy which is particularly helpful if you have low or sloping ceilings. Directing the light onto the ceiling helps make the ceiling appear higher.

Light bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are useful for general lighting. They increase the chi energy over a wide area in a relatively even manner. The colour of this light is slightly orange, helping to create a warmer atmosphere. In general, lampshades made from fabric or paper will soften the light and create a more yin atmosphere, while metal or reflective lampshades will create a harder more yang atmosphere.


Identify an area you wish to make more yang using focused lighting. This will apply primarily to work areas and surfaces in the kitchen or study, and to recesses such as cupboards or spaces that are not likely to be reached by any natural daylight. If you have the skill, attach a spotlight to the ceiling or wall, or ask a qualified electrician to install the light. If you are lighting a work surface, be sure to position the light so that you do not cast a shadow over the surface itself. Alternatively, use a free­standing halogen light to create the same effect, making sure that the light source is not blocked when the work area is in use.

Placing candles

Use a compass or observe the movement of the sun to locate the southern part of your home. Place one or more candle in a convenient place in this area of your home depending on your needs: if you want to focus on yourself use one candle; if you would like to be in a relationship or improve an existing relationship use two candles; if you want to embrace your whole family use a candle for each member. This can also apply to loved ones who have passed on. Light these candles each day. Sit facing the candles, so you also face south, and meditate on ways that you can bring your feelings to the surface.

Feng Shui 1 Best Way to Add Excitement to Your Home with Feng Shui

Low or sloping ceilings

Walk around your home and locate any rooms or areas where you have low or sloping ceilings. Use a free-standing or fixed halogen light to direct the light source onto the appropriate ceiling. When planning this, however, make sure that the light will not shine into your eyes if it is mounted lower than head height. A bright light can be hidden behind a plant or paper screen to reduce glare. This also softens the light and helps to create a more relaxing yin atmosphere appropriate for a bedroom or living room.

Creating different moods

At night turn on the lights and walk around your home. Think carefully about where you would like to relax, be more romantic or more intimate – all more yin – and where you wish to be more energetic, lively and alert – all more yang. Fit fabric or paper lampshades to lights in the areas you wish to make more yin. The thicker the fabric and the larger the shade the more yin it becomes. If you wish to make this area cosier keep the light source as close to the floor as possible. Use a reflective metal shade in areas you want to make more yang – the more open the shade the more yang the space will become.

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