Best Way to Add Rhythm to Your Life with Feng Shui

To be well organized we need a certain structure and rhythm to our lives. This can enable us to achieve more with less effort. Rather like dancing where the rhythm of the music can keep us active for long periods of time without tiring, having a rhythm to your life can help you achieve your goals.

Our bodies are based on rhythmic motion. Examples of this are the human heartbeat, breathing and menstruation. We are also easily influenced by other cycles such as the phases of the moon, day and night and the seasons. Women living together will often find their menstrual cycles harmonize.

Feng Shui1 Best Way to Add Rhythm to Your Life with Feng Shui

There are many ways to add rhythm to your life. For example, going to bed and waking at the same time, eating your meals at regular times or exercising at the same time each day. In addition to this it is possible to add rhythm to your home.

Pendulum clocks create rhythm. Fill a room up with pendulum clocks and after a while their pendulums will harmonize and swing together. In a subtle way we can also tune into the rhythm of a clock. The movement of the pendulum, ticking sounds and chimes all make it easier to be more structured and feel organized.

To create this rythmic effect you will need to use a mechanical rather than an electric clock with as many metal parts as possible and a pendulum. It will be most effective in the north-western part of your home or room. If this is not possible, the west or north would be the next best options.

Positioning clocks

Use the sunlight or a compass, to determine the north-western part of your home or room. Find a suitable site for your clock – either hung on the wall, placed on a shelf or, in the case of a grandfather clock, on the floor. Make sure that the clock is easily visible from within the room.

Maintaining the benefits

To be effective the clock should be continually working and you may need to make periodic adjustments so that it keeps accurate time. Try to keep any metal parts polished and clean where appropriate.

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