Best Way to Add Sparkle to Your Life Using Feng Shui

Mirrors or other reflective surfaces will change the direction of chi energy in the same way that they reflect light in new directions. This is helpful where you want to reflect more chi energy into a stagnant area. Mirrors will speed up the flow of chi energy, creating a dynamic, stimulating and more yang atmosphere.

Whenever you use mirrors it is important to avoid hanging them directly opposite a door, window or each other. Mirrors facing a door or window will reflect chi energy entering your home back out again, while two mirrors facing each other will bounce chi energy back and forth, making the environment tense which is not very good for relaxation.

Add Sparkle Feng Shui Best Way to Add Sparkle to Your Life Using Feng Shui

Always try to use one large mirror, rather than several mirrors next to each other or mirror tiles as these can make the image in the reflection seem disjointed and the atmosphere less harmonious.

Mirrors are particularly useful in dark spaces where you want to- reflect as much of the available light back into the room as possible. This applies to basement apartments or a room that only receives northern light.

Large mirrors will make a room feel much larger. Ideally, they should be from floor to ceiling. Place large mirrors along one of the long sides to make the room appear twice as wide. The same can be achieved in a corridor or hall by staggering mirrors on each side.

You may be able to strategically place a mirror so that natural light from a window is reflected back into a dark area of the room or a stagnant corner.

Fast-flowing energy is most likely to occur when the stairs lead down to the front door in a long straight hall, or if the front door is directly inline with the back door. In these situations, the fast-flowing chi energy can make you feel unsettled, tense and irritable. These feelings are intensified if the fast-flowing energy is directed towards your bed or where you sit for long periods of time.

Positioning mirrors

Fit a mirror in a narrow room or in a corridor. Measure the longest wall or the corridor wall in order to determine the size of the mirror you can fit. Remember not to hang a mirror directly opposite a door. Hang the mirror on the wall and make sure you keep it clean.

Similarly, in any L-shaped room, hang a mirror in the narrowest part of the room so that the proportions appear more even.

Where to put a mirror

If you have any basement rooms or north-facing rooms look to see where you can hang mirrors. If possible, position the mirror where it will reflect some of the daylight into the rest of the room. In this situation you may need to use several mirrors. However, avoid hanging them directly opposite one another.

Look in your bedroom to see if you can remove any mirrors. If there are any remaining mirrors facing your bed try to find a new location for them within the room. You can always cover the mirrors with a cloth while you sleep.

Mirrors in specific rooms

If you have a hall, take a look at the relationship between the stairs and front door. If the stairs lead directly down to the front door, hang a small convex mirror so that it faces you as you descend the stairs. You will often find that there is a wall or wooden panel facing you as you start to walk down from the top of the stairs. This is an ideal place for a convex mirror. If this is not possible, try hanging the mirror to the side of the front door.

Add Sparkle Feng Shui 1 Best Way to Add Sparkle to Your Life Using Feng Shui

If you have a long hall or corridor running through your home look at each end to determine the best place to put a convex mirror. If one end of the hallway leads onto a bedroom, or somewhere you sit for long periods of time, the situation is potentially more serious and the mirror must be hung at this end of the corridor. Hang the mirror above the door at this end of the hall so that it faces back into the corridor.

Enter your home through your front door and check to see if you can see your back door. If there is a door in between open it for this exercise. A situation where all the doors are in a line encourages energy to flow too fast and can be remedied with a convex mirror. Walk from your front door towards the back door looking for a good place to hang a small convex mirror so that it faces you. For example, you could hang it above your back door.

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