Best Way to Attack the Ball in Golf Swing

In this article we talk about the most important part of the swing – making contact with the ball. A good backswing prepares you for this, creating potential power.

Think of your address position and your strike position as one and the same thing. Essentially you want to return through your address position at the point of impact, so although the position of things will inevitably change slightly, aim to do just that. After the point of impact, make sure you complete the swing properly. No matter how successfully your strike emulated your original address, without a decent followthrough your shot will inevitably fail.

Ball in Golf Swing Best Way to Attack the Ball in Golf Swing

  • The address position rehearses the impact position. The hips and legs will always be in a slightly different position, but if you think of the address as rehearsing your strike, it keeps your brain moving forwards!
  • At the top of the backswing your back is turned towards the target, the arms lift and the left thumb supports the club. The hips and legs turn enough to allow this to happen. The left heel may or may not lift – it doesn’t matter.
  • To start the downswing, push your weight firmly back towards your left heel. If the heel was off the ground at the top of the backswing, get it firmly back onto the ground – and keep it there. NOTE For low handicappers the correct weight transfer feels round towards the left heel, not just sideways to the target. But in doing it, the hips mustn’t become too active. The left arm should work hard to start the downswing, pulling down and away from the right shoulder The left arm swings to the right shoulder in the backswing and away from it to start the downswing.
  • With the left arm in control, and the right shoulder passive, the club attacks the ball in a curved path, producing an impact position as similar to address as possible, and on into the followthrough.

Ball in Golf Swing 1 Best Way to Attack the Ball in Golf Swing


Try this exercise

Address and impact should be virtually the same. To practice this, use an old car tyre and set up to strike it. Swing gently back and through, back and through. Each time you strike the tyre you should feel as though you are just returning to your address.

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