Best Way to Avoid any Embarrassing Health-Related Incidents in the Classroom

None of us are immune to getting ill every so often, and working in a school means exposure to a great deal of germs and viruses. Thank­fully, the longer you work in a school, the stronger your immune system will get, until eventually those coughs and sneezes that seemed to plague you forever when you first started teaching become a hazy memory.

However, you should always beware of the other nasty surprises that can sneak up on you. Food poisoning or tummy troubles are difficult ones to avoid sometimes. Observing rules of basic hygiene will help, but what can you do if the tuna sandwich you bought from the canteen at lunchtime ends up backfiring on you?

Incidents in the Classroom Best Way to Avoid any Embarrassing Health Related Incidents in the Classroom

Tips to help avoid any embarrassing health-related incidents

  •  Packed lunches are usually better than canteen or store-bought lunches, and they’re cheaper too. Make sure you store any per­ishable items in a cool place, and always wash your hands before you munch!
  •  Keep a supply of handy pills and potions in your bag or a lock-able drawer. Painkillers and indigestion tablets are the most commonly required items.
  •  Avoid eating spicy or unusual foods at school. Lunchtimes are not the time to be trying out a local delicacy!
  •  If you do eat out at lunchtime, pick places with a good reputa­tion or where you have been before.
  •  Passing wind and belching aren’t advisable things to do in front of your class – if it’s really unavoidable to do either, excuse your­self! However, keep in mind you are only human – you might have to put up with a few sniggers and some nicknames, but most stu­dents will understand if you’re poorly!


  •  Try to ‘struggle on’. If you’re feeling ill, accept it, get appropri­ate cover for your class and go home.
  •  Leave a class on their own without telling anyone – even if you have to run out to the toilet! Always let another member of staff know.
  •  Go home without telling anyone – not only is it likely you will be disciplined, the school needs to know who is onsite for fire regulations.

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