Best Way to Calculate Your Nine Ki Number in Feng Shui

Everything in the universe has both time and space. Neither can exist without the other. Being in the right place at the right time has launched many people’s successful careers.

It is, therefore, important not only to look at the feng shui of the space that you live or work in, but also the feng shui astrology of when you make changes to your life. There are two types of astrology commonly used in feng shui, the one used here is the nine ki system and the other is the four pillars. The principles for the nine ki system are essentially the same as for this style of feng shui.

Feng Shui2 Best Way to Calculate Your Nine Ki Number in Feng Shui

Your nine ki number

In this article you will learn how to work out your own nine ki year number. Use this to provide more information about your relationships and how to work out what phase you are in each year. This will help you to identify when it is the best time to do something. Sometimes you may find that although you are keen to change something about yourself or your life it just does not happen. The reason may be the nine ki phase you are in. If this is the case, it will often be easier to relax and make a concerted effort when you are in a better phase. The idea is to achieve more with less effort. If you can have the forces of nature working for you rather than against you everything becomes easier.

At the time you were born and you became separate from your mother’s chi energy you developed your own pattern of personal chi energy. This chi energy stays with you for life and influences the way you feel during each subsequent year. Using the nine ki system, it is possible to predict the way you will feel in the coming years and to use this information to help you achieve your goals in life at a time when you are most likely to succeed.

To calculate your own nine ki year number write down the year you were born. Add the last two digits together. If the result is another two digit number (that is, 11 to 18) add the two digits again. You will now have a number between one and nine. Subtract this number from ten if you were born during 1900 to 1999, or nine if you were born from 2000.

The beginning of the nine ki year is on the third, fourth or fifth of February, so if you were born during January or the first three days of February you will need to base your calculations on the previous year. For example, if you were born on the first of February 1971 you would use the previous year 1970 and your nine ki year number would be three.

It is also common to reverse the number for women so that while the ambient chi energy descends by one each year, females energy increases by one. In the system used in this book, it is assumed that the ambient energy when you where born will influence males and females similarly as in most forms of astrology.

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