Best Way to Choose a Desk with Feng Shui

The most immediate influence on you while you work is your desk. This is because it effects your own chi energy, which not only defines how you work but also the way you feel while you work.

The material the desk is made of, its shape and size, and’ the way objects are arranged on the desktop will all have an influence on the way you work. In general, an oval, softwood desk or one with rounded edges in, say, pine, will be more relaxing and best-suited for creative work. A rectangular, dark, hardwood desk in, say, mahogany, would be better for more formal situations.

Desk with Feng Shui Best Way to Choose a Desk with Feng Shui

A large desk with plenty of clear space on which to work will boost confidence and help you to feel equipped to take on more work without getting stressed. In the long term it may help you to become more ambitious.

Office Chairs

As so much time is spent sitting, it is essential that an office chair is comfortable. One of the main causes of backache is bad posture. If the base of the spine is not angled correctly, muscles along the back and neck, have to compensate and as these muscles become tired and sore. If they are subjected to this same regime on a regular basis there is a risk of long-term pain. To reduce this risk use a chair with a seat that tilts. By adjusting the angle of the seat it is possible to maintain the optimum angle for your lumber vertebrae, so that your back, shoulders and neck are positioned over the base of your spine. In addition, the back of the chair needs to be adjustable as does the height. In most cases it is helpful to have a chair on casters.

Buying a workstation

Workstations vary from a traditional, rectangular desk to a modern, specially shaped unit designed to incorporate a computer, with the option of adding on extensions. When there is sufficient space, make the work surfaces as generous as possible. Curved worktops create a more natural appearance and reduce the risk of fast-flowing chi.

A round desk will also avoid cutting chi and make a relatively small room feel more comfortable. Too many sharp edges will make a study seem less comfortable, and you may find it difficult to spend long periods of time there.

A solid wooden desk will stimulate a natural flow of chi energy. Desks that are made of some form of chipboard – wood chips or wood particles bonded together with adhesives – or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) tend to block the flow of chi energy in a similar way to that of plastic. These materials are usually covered with a thin veneer of real wood.

A glass-topped desk will speed up the flow of chi energy across the desktop and make it a spontaneous, more yang place to work. This type of surface is helpful if you wish to work at your desk for long periods of time.

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