Best Way to Choose a Gate to Your Home in Feng Shui

The gate to your home marks the beginning of your property. It is where people enter and it can be an important part of everyone’s first impression of where you live.

Gates vary from being very grand to being simple and friendly. You need to consider what kind of first impression you wish to make before renewing your gate. It is favourable if the gate is in a similar style to your home. For example, a large ornate metal gate looks best in front of a large house and a small wooden gate in front of a cottage.

Gate for Home with Feng Shui Best Way to Choose a Gate to Your Home in Feng Shui

The wider the gate the easier it is for chi energy to enter your property and home. This can be helpful if you want a fast-moving, active atmosphere indoors, which is fine for, say, a home with large, relatively empty rooms where the chi energy can move around easily. However, fast-flowing chi energy could make a smaller home feel too hectic, making it more difficult to relax and feel settled.

A small gate with the opening restricted by plants will provide a more secretive, secluded entrance. Here the chi energy will move slowly into your home, making it an ideal place for hideaways, retirement homes or holiday sanctuaries. However, if you are working from home there is a risk that you could feel isolated and out of touch with the world around you. Most people will opt for something in between. You can make subtle changes to the size of your gate depending on how you want to adjust your lifestyle. An opening without a gate will allow energy to move freely and create a very open feel to your property.

Style of gate

Think about whether your life would be improved with a greater flow of chi energy into your property through a large gate or a reduced flow of energy with a smaller gate.

Consider what style of gate would best reflect your personality and home. Look at a large number of gates to get ideas. Purchase the appropriate gate and have it fitted or have one specially made so that you can influence the design.

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