Best Way to Choose the Right Sales Team for Your Company

You may be in the enviable position of being appointed sales manager for a company that does not have a sales force. In this case you will have the luxury of deciding on the type of sales team most appropriate for your company and its products or services.

To help you in your decision, here are a few points to consider.

Choosing salaried salespeople

This includes salespeople who are paid salaries plus commission and/or bonuses. They are particularly useful where the product is of a technical nature and the salespeople will be expected to provide customers with technical advice; similarly where sales require several visits before an order can be secured, eg computer systems. Salaried sales teams are also employed where regular visits are made to customers to obtain orders, eg food, drink, confectionery.

Right Sales Team Best Way to Choose the Right Sales Team for Your Company


  • • More control and direction over the salespeople.
  • • Easier to engender a team spirit.
  • • Greater loyalty by the sales team to you and the company.


  • • Expensive. You must pay salaries, provide cars and so on, regardless of value of sales generated.
  • • Normally require one month’s notice of dismissal.
  • • More ‘sales support’ needed, which can be costly.

Choosing commission only sales people

Ideal where a large sales force is needed to sell non-technical products or services.


  • Inexpensive. The only outgoing is commission which is based on sales revenue.
  • If properly recruited, they will be experienced salespeople.
  • Cons
  • Difficult to control and direct.
  • Salespeople can leave without notice.
  • Little or no company loyalty.

Choosing sales agents

Suitable where the company is too small to employ salespeople. Also ideal where the market is widespread or remote and it is not viable to employ a salesperson. Agents are often used to service overseas markets.


  • Inexpensive, as with commission only.
  • Will have experience and contacts in the market.
  • Normally agents are mature business people.

Right Sales Team 1 Best Way to Choose the Right Sales Team for Your Company


  • Difficult to control and direct.
  • Will also be selling other companies’ products or services.
  • Large turnover, resulting in higher recruitment costs.

Choosing contract sales staff

Used by companies which cannot justify employing their own salespeople. Also employed for specific, short-term sales campaigns.


  • Costs can be budgeted.
  • Usually experienced salespeople.


  • No direct control possible.
  • Unsuitable where detailed product knowledge is required.

Choosing tele-sales staff

Very suitable for obtaining regular orders from customers for such products as food, drink and other fast moving goods. Useful for maintaining contact with past and geographically remote customers.

Right Sales Team 2 Best Way to Choose the Right Sales Team for Your Company


  • Less expensive than a ‘field’ sales team.
  • Easier to control, direct and motivate.


  • Limitations of the telephone.
  • Not suitable for technical or complex products.

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