Best Way to Choose Your Bedding in Feng Shui

Beds and bedding have a huge influence on the quality of your sleep as they are within your chi energy field while you are in bed.

The quality of your sleep will greatly affect your long-term health. It is important to have about six hours of deep undisturbed sleep so that your body can repair and regenerate itself properly. If you cannot achieve this, there is a risk that you will lose vitality, feel irritable, get run down and so become prone to illnesses.

Bedding in Feng Shui Best Way to Choose Your Bedding in Feng Shui

The ideal material for a bed frame is wood, because it does not distort the local magnetic field, whereas a metal frame with iron in it will. Wood is softer than metal and it induces a calm, yin energy on your own chi energy field.

The more solid the bed frame the more yang and stable the energy will be. An ornate bed frame will increase the creative, more yin energy around you while you sleep. A four-poster bed helps contain the energy around you and is particularly useful if you sleep in a large bedroom with high ceilings where the chi energy can move easily and quickly. Drapes around the sides of the bed will be even more effective when it comes to containing the energy.

The height of the bed can also influence your chi energy. It is helpful to maintain a distance of at least1.8m(2yd) between the top of your bed and the ceiling so that there is plenty of room for your chi energy to move freely during the night. The higher the bed the more you may be stimulated intellectually and the lower it is the more practical you should feel.


Always choose a mattress that is made of natural materials. Cloth, wool, straw and hair are preferable to foam and other man-made materials. Synthetic materials carry a static charge and, as this will be within your chi energy field, it will have a direct effect on the way you feel. It can eventually make you feel low in physical and emotional energy.

Cotton futons are ideal in terms of their passive influence on the movement of energy. They are essentially four to eight layers of thick cotton batting bound by a strong cotton cover. InJapan, they are placed on top of bamboo tatami mats. In the West, most people use wooden slatted bases to raise them off the floor so that they can air properly. Futons can often help sufferers of back problems because of their firmness.

Pocket sprung mattresses contain metal springs, which distort the local magnetic field. This alters the energy movement in a way that can become chaotic. Waterbeds produce more watery chi energy, which is too damp for good health.


Non-static materials, such as pure cotton or linen are the best fabrics to have next to your skin. Synthetic fabrics build up a static charge, which will affect the flow of energy.

Cotton and linen allow your skin to breathe, which is important as you can secrete up to 1 litre of fluid at night through your skin while sleeping. Silk can be very sexy and exciting. Lacy or embroidered bedding is more yin and can make your bed feel more cosy.

The color of your bedclothes will alter the energy of your bedroom during the day. For greater romance you could try using bedding with some pink or red in it. Cream or black can help if you to feel more sexual.

Avoid using an electric blanket as it will expose you to EMF and will distort the natural magnetic field.

Better bedding

Examine all your bedding to see what it is made of. Include the filling of duvets and mattresses. Look to see what your bed frame is made from. Separate the natural and synthetic bedding into two piles and throw away the synthetic.

Bedding in Feng Shui 1 Best Way to Choose Your Bedding in Feng Shui

If you are thinking of changing your bed or suffer from insomnia and your existing bed is metal, consider purchasing a wooden framed bed. Measure the height of your ceiling and subtract1.8m(2yd) to determine the maximum height of your bed. Use the information above to decide whether you would like a higher or lower bed.

Try out different mattresses and futons in stores to see if you can find a natural item that you feel comfortable with. You will need to turn your mattress or futon over and around regularly, so allow enough room at either side and around the foot of your bed to make this possible. When buying new bedding, check to see what it is made of and think about the colors and style that would suit you best.

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