Best Way to Choose Your Bedroom Lighting in Feng Shui

As most of the time you spend in your bedroom will be during the night when there is no natural light, other forms of lighting have a greater influence on this room than others. Use lighting in the bedroom for functional purposes, enabling you to see clearly, and also to create a relaxed and romantic mood.

In general, it is best to keep bedroom lighting as soft as possible. For this reason avoid using small fluorescent energy saving items as they generate a blue colder light.

Bedroom Lighting in Feng Shui Best Way to Choose Your Bedroom Lighting in Feng Shui

It would help to make as much of your lighting as indirect, as possible. Lights that reflect off a wall or ceiling will be gentler on your eyes and more calming. Where you need more light use free-standing spotlights, wall-mounted lights or ceiling lights that can achieve this effect.


If you have table lamps, use low-wattage bulbs and thick shades to create a more subtle source of lighting.

Colors of the shade

Choose according to the kind of mood you want to create: pink for calm and pleasure, purple to be more passionate and yellow to be more settled.

Lighting to suit your mood

Sit or lie on your bed at night time with all the lights on. Look around the room to see if you have sufficient lighting for everything you need to do in the room. Can you see into cupboards, chests of drawers and shelves easily? Is your dressing table well lit? If there are any areas that require better lighting think how you can improve the situation. An additional free-standing light will be the easiest solution, otherwise you may need to arrange for a spotlight to be fitted.

Turn on each light individually and see what kind of atmosphere it produces. See how you feel with each option. Does any make you feel sleepy, relaxed or romantic? If you are not happy with the options try the following.

Place a pair of candles in the south-western part of your bedroom. If this is not possible try the east, south-east, south or north-east. Make sure they are in a safe place well away from anything combustible in case you fall asleep with them lit. Light the candles when you want to calm down, feel romantic or be sexual. Scented candles will further enhance the atmosphere.

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