Best Way to Create a Natural Environment in Your Children’s Room Using Feng Shui

The more natural the atmosphere in your children’s rooms, the easier it will be for them to feel relaxed there. This can lead to better sleep and better behaviour. Avoid artificial materials as there is a rule that they may give off subtle fumes and build up a charge of static electricity which could compromise your child’s health in the long term.

It is helpful to create an open space in your children’s room so chi energy can move freely and they have room to play.

Children’s Room Using Feng Shui Best Way to Create a Natural Environment in Your Children’s Room Using Feng Shui

If you are short of space you could replace the bed with a futon, which can be rolled up during the daytime to create a larger play area.

If your children have a lot of electrical toys, you might want to store them outside the bedroom to reduce EMF.

Natural materials

Check what type of materials are used in the soft furnishings in your child’s bedroom. Include bedding, curtains, carpet, rugs and cushions. If these contain synthetic fibres think about replacing them with something made from pure cotton or linen.

Also check through their clothing to see what it is made of. Ideally, substitute pure cotton, linen or wool for clothes made from synthetic fabrics. The closer an item of clothing is to your child’s skin, the greater its influence on their chi energy field. Most important are under clothes, pyjamas and sheets.

Grow several healthy plants in the room. It is beneficial to use a variety of plants, however, it would help to use plants with floppy leaves close to the bed, or throughout the room if your child finds it difficult to relax.

If it is appropriate, try using candles or safety/night lights instead of electric lights at night. See if you can re-route wires so they are well away from your children’s beds.

Each time you buy something for your children’s room remember to check the material the items are made of.

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