Best Way to Create Your Home Path in Feng Shui

The path to your front door influences the way chi energy moves from the entrance of your property to the entrance of your home.

The shape of the path, the material and the borders will all make a difference to the flow of energy, and a subtle influence on the atmosphere inside your home. You will also absorb some of the chi energy as you walk along the path. This can have an effect on the way you feel when you leave or return home.

Home Path in Feng Shui Best Way to Create Your Home Path in Feng Shui

A wide, straight path made of hard, flat stone will allow energy to move quickly and will help to create a dynamic atmosphere. This is appropriate if you have a large home and a long path or drive. An open path with grass each side will allow freer flowing energy and a path bordered with bushes and trees will channel and confine the flow of chi energy.

The first creates a more active atmosphere whereas the latter creates a more intriguing and mentally stimulating approach.

In most situations something in between is ideal. If you feel that your life is too hectic and stressful it may help to slow down the energy along your path by making it more curvacious, adding bushes at the side and using a rougher surface. However, if you want to spice up your life and be more dynamic, it would help to open up your path and use a flat stone surface. Placing lights along the path will attract more attention to you and your home.

Types of path

Think about how you want to improve your life. It may help to draw on the principles of yin and yang. Try to work out if it would help you to be more yang – active, dynamic and alert, or more yin – calm, relaxed and creative.

Take a look at your path, walk along it and concentrate on how you feel. If you want to make the experience more yang look at ways of achieving this by, say, cutting back or even moving certain plants. You could also consider laying a stone path.

If you want to feel more yin, explore ways of softening the edges of the path by making it more curvy. Plant bushes and shrubs with rounded and soft leaves close to the path or use a rough surface, such as gravel.

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