Best Way to Deal with the Situation When Your Pupils Hate You

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your class just doesn’t like you. Maybe it’s because of a personality clash, or perhaps you simply got off to a bad start at the beginning of term. ‘You can’t win them all’, as the saying goes – but unfortunately, you do still have to teach them.

Be aware: before you resign yourself to a year of hell with this class, take a moment to try and determine where the problem might lie. Is it the whole class or just a few individuals? Is it because of their general behav­iour, or are you being too harsh or unapproachable with them? Be pre­pared to accept that it might well be you who has the problem, and it is your attitude that might need to change.

Pupils Hate You Best Way to Deal with the Situation When Your Pupils Hate You

Different types of students respond to different types of teachers and teaching styles. One of the main reasons why a teacher and class don’t get on is the teaching style used. Always consider the ability range and subject material, and tailor your style accordingly. If you feel confident enough, you can even ask your students how they think lessons could be improved. Although you might end up with a lot of silly answers, there might also be some hidden gems that can enlighten you as to how to make valuable changes.

Don’t forget, there will be occasions when you really don’t get on with certain students. This doesn’t mean you have failed in any way; it can simply just be a clash of personalities, and the best you can really hope for is civility. Don’t try to make a student like you by being overly friendly or by showing undue favouritism; it is more likely that your good intentions will merely backfire on you.

Remember: a happy teacher equals a happy class.

To ensure you gain, and keep, a good relationship with your students, always treat them in the way you would want to be treated yourself. If you give respect you will gain respect, and this is a fundamental foun­dation for a pleasant and productive working environment.

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