Best Way to Do Exhalation Exercise to Relieve Stress

Breathing is fundamental to our health. Apart from the obvious fact that it is impossible for us to live without breathing, the way we breathe can have dramatic effects on the way our bodies operate and the way we feel.

When we inhale, we are taking air into our lungs; the blood vessels in the kings absorb the oxygen that the blood transports around the body. At the same time, the blood releases carbon dioxide into the air within the lungs, and this waste product is then exhaled. The balance of oxygen absorbed and carbon dioxide expelled is the key to effective breathing. Shallow breathing can result in too little oxygen being absorbed, thus depriving the cells in our bodies of oxygen and leaving a surplus of carbon dioxide in the lung tissue. Hyperventilation can cause the body to expel too much carbon dioxide, producing dizziness, sweating, and palpitations. This often leads to increased anxiety and results in even faster breathing, worsening the effects.

Do Exhalation Exercise Best Way to Do Exhalation Exercise to Relieve Stress

The good news is that learning to breathe properly is not difficult, although it will take practice before it becomes your automatic breathing pattern.

Exhalation exercise

This is a different type of exercise because, rather than focusing on breathing in, it concentrates on expelling as much air as possible during exhalation; thus inhalation becomes a reflex action. It is also a useful exercise to relieve stress as the movement of your body helps release physical and emotional tensions.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms hanging loosely by your sides. Bring your arms up in front of you as you take in a deep breath.
  • Make a loud “haaaa” or “oooo” sound and, at the same time, bend your knees and allow your upper body to become limp and flop over, your head ending up near your knees. As the top half of your body falls forward, your arms should swing down freely. Expel as much air as possible, repeating the “haaaa” or “oooo” sound if necessary.

Do Exhalation Exercise 1 Best Way to Do Exhalation Exercise to Relieve Stress

  • Take in a deep breath as you slowly rise back to a standing position.
  • Take two or three normal breaths so that you don’t get dizzy, and then repeat.


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