Best Way to Do Meditation

Regular meditation on what you want from life will help you to focus your energy and will make it easier for you to realize your dreams. Think about your long-term and most ambitious goals first and then work backwards to short-term and less ambitious objectives.

To prepare, begin with some gentle stretching exercises. Co-ordinate this with long deep breaths. Lie on your back or sit in an upright posture. Relax and try to empty your mind by concentrating on your breathing. Feel each breath enter and leave your body. Once you feel calm you can begin your meditation.

Do Meditation Best Way to Do Meditation

Imagine you are at the end of your life, feeling content and satisfied as you prepare to move on from this material world. You have completed everything you have ever wanted to do. Try to visualize, feel and hear what it would be like having reached this state. Now think about what you would need to do between now and then to be able to be in that position.

Initially think about broad, big ideas. Once you have these fixed in your mind, begin to work on the practicalities and fill in the details. You may need to keep refining the details until you are satisfied that they are realistic. This can then become the main force that drives you forwards.

You may need to practise this technique several times to get the best results. At the beginning do not worry about what the results are, instead try to develop the ability to focus your mind.

Some people will find that they have one dream that becomes a consistent force in their life, while others may have several. It is also acceptable to change your dreams as your life progresses.

When you have a dream keep it in your mind so that whenever you have a decision to make you can check to see whether it will help you realize your life’s ambition.

From time to time review your progress. It is important not to feel disappointed if you go through phases in which you do not make progress. Try to look at new ways to move forward.


To meditate sit in a comfortable position so that your spine is straight and you will not be distracted by aches and pains.

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