Best Way to Do Self Body massage

Here is a self-massage that will benefit your whole body by improving your circulation and releasing the tension in your muscles. Rather than just stroking the skin, this massage involves administering slow, deep, gliding movements using a certain amount of pressure. Combine these movements with pummelling and kneading actions using your fingers, thumbs and knuckles, as well as performing a press-release action with your fingers. If an area feels sore, use the press­release method until the pain eases.

If you only have olive oil in the house, this is fine; you can always add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oil to it. Alternatively, if you want to invest in a good massage oil, try Philosophy’s Physical Therapy or E’spa’s Restorative Massage Oil. Start by relaxing for a few moments while lying on your back, either on a bed, mat or towel placed on the floor. Make sure that the room is warm and, with the exception of the area that you are treating, keep your body covered up with a towel.

Self Body massage Best Way to Do Self Body massage

  • Feet: sit up and bend your legs so that you can comfortably reach your feet. With your thumbs, using a press-release action, massage the sole and top of each foot and knead between your toes. Squeeze your toes between your fingers and thumb. When you reach your ankles, use small finger rotations.
  • Calves: keeping your knees bent, using gliding, upward movements, smooth oil along your calves and up the front of your legs.
  • Knees: in order to be able to gain access to your knee, keep your leg bent and turn your foot outwards before kneading each side of the knee with your thumbs. Now turn your foot inwards and repeat the massage.
  • Thighs: sweep your hands up the front of each thigh in large, gliding movements (it is advisable to use gentle pummelling movements on the back of your thighs because of the hamstring).
  • Buttocks: kneel or stand. Start by kneading around the top of the hamstring (just under each buttock) and then pummel the buttock itself.
  • Back: massaging the whole of your back is a bit tricky, but you can work on your lower back and shoulders quite effectively. Sit or kneel, whichever is most comfortable. Start by kneading your lower back around the muscles located on either side of the vertebrae (use both hands simultaneously). For your shoulders, reach one hand to the opposite shoulder and glide it across, using circular rotations. Repeat on each shoulder.
  • Neck: using the press-release action, rotate your fingers around each side of your neck.
  • Abdomen: lie down on your back and sweep your hands across your stomach in gliding, circular movements.

Self Body massage 1 Best Way to Do Self Body massage

  • Chest: knead between your breasts with your knuckles. Smooth oil onto your breasts and circle them, using gliding movements.
  • Arms: lie down on your back, or sit if you prefer. Knead your lower arms, working towards your elbows. When you reach your upper arms, use gliding movements.
  • Hands and wrists: use circular actions around the wrist joint, changing to the press-release method on your palms. Move on to the fingers and, using your thumb and forefinger, stroke down each finger towards the nail.

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