Best Way to Dress for School

As a member of the education profession, it is essential to remember that you are a role model to your students, and as such you need to look the part. While low-cut tops might be the latest fashion, or you have a passion for neon green ties, it is important to remember that how you look will also influence how you are perceived.

Some items of clothing really shouldn’t make it into the classroom. Although most of these are obvious, such as micro miniskirts, Bermuda shorts and offensive (or even football) t-shirts, some items such as tight-fitting trousers or very low-cut tops may also give your colleagues cause to complain.

Dress for School Best Way to Dress for School

As a general rule of thumb, if your students wear a uniform, then you should do too. This doesn’t mean you have to turn up in the official school colours every day, but you should be taking into serious con­sideration the messages you may be giving out through your choice of dress.

Tips on what to wear

  •    Different types of schools may have different expectations on how you are supposed to dress. If you are unsure, always dress up rather than down.
  •    Ensure your clothes are appropriate to the subject you teach -e.g. wearing a suit every day when you teach Physical Education is very impractical.
  •    Consider health and safety regulations in accordance with your dress – long hair and trailing sleeves can get caught in machines.
  •    Be smart but be comfortable – high heels may give you added height, but they will also give you blisters if you are on your feet all day.
  •    Keep hairstyles and make-up neat, simple and toned down. Dyed green hair or livid lipsticks are not appropriate for the classroom! (Unless they are for a charity event, of course.)
  •    Don’t be afraid to express your individuality in other ways -through interesting jewellery, funky-coloured socks or crazy ties. Looking smart doesn’t mean you have to be borings and stu­dents are always fascinated by teachers with quirks.
  •    Non-uniform days can be a bit of a wardrobe nightmare. If you are in any doubt, a pair of jeans and a plain coloured top or shirt will usually be okay.
  •    Clothing that is too tight, too revealing or simply too “trendy’ for the classroom should be avoided at all costs. Ladies: don’t forget how bending and stretching can uninten­tionally reveal any areas you would prefer left covered.
  •    Tattoos and body piercing are best covered up. Different schools will have varying policies on these. Although they have no beating on your actual teaching ability, wherever possible keep these discreet or hidden.

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