Best Way to Enhance Your Working Environment with Herbs

Although they may seem out of place in an office, herbs can do much to enhance your working environment. Particular varieties of herb have been shown to invigorate and uplift the mind, aiding concentration and inspiration. Keep a pot of fresh herbs on your desk or near your work area, where the leaves and flowers will be lovely to look at and will gently fragrance the air.

Essential oils sprinkled onto a tissue or handkerchief are an alternative to fresh herbs and provide a stronger herbal ‘hit’. Basil is energizing and invigorating and is used to treat depression. Coriander and eucalpytus also have an uplifting effect. Geranium and lavender are refreshing and relaxing. Lemon balm bursts with zingy fragrance, and thyme is effective at combating fatigue and depression.

Working Environment with Herbs Best Way to Enhance Your Working Environment with Herbs

Even the paper you use can be scented -either buy it ready-scented or add a few drops of essential oil. Stick dried herbs to paper or leave them loose in a folded letter. A sophisticated flower press is not needed. Simply take a perfect flower or leaf and sandwich it between two piles of blotting or watercolour paper. Put this sandwich between the leaves of a large heavy book and pile three or four more heavy books on top of it. Leave for a couple of weeks, until the herbs have dried out.

Ink too can be fragranced. Immerse 25 g of dried aromatic flowers (such as myrtle, lavender flowers, lemon verbena, rosemary or pelargonium) in water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 30-40 minutes until it has reduced to 4 tsp of pungent dark liquid. Strain, allow to cool and add to a bottle of ordinary ink.

As a powerful aid to concentration, place a jugful of fresh herbs such as basil and mint on a desk in a work space. Writing paper can be scented with a few drops of essential oil and decorated with dried pressed hers. Even the ink you use to write a letter can be fragranced.

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