Best Way to Evaluate Your Skin to Create an Effective Skin Care Program

Protecting your skin is important, and here’s why. Along with the physi­ological benefits to be gained from a good skin care program, there are innumerable ways in which well-cared-for skin can increase a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. Today the average woman is going to live past seventy, so she will be staring at her reflection in the mirror for a long time. Trust me, she’ll be happier if she likes what she sees.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get optimal skin care results. However, you do have to disregard hardsell techniques and decide for yourself what you want and need. These decisions should be based upon: you and what you want and need; and the marketplace and what is available.

Skin Care Best Way to Evaluate Your Skin to Create an Effective Skin Care Program

The first and most important factor is you.

  • Your skin type. There is no way around this: Everything from how you clean your face to what you use before you go to bed should be based upon a clear understanding of what is best for your skin type.
  • Your age. More is known now about how skin ages; this new infor­mation should be taken into account when you make your purchas­ing decisions.
  • Your pocketbook. I understand that some women simply don’t care how much they spend, but even they want products that make them look better, not worse. High ticket price doesn’t guarantee anything and sometimes the best results are achieved by spending less.
  • Your lifestyle. Do you live in a part of the country where the air is extra dry or usually humid? Do you work in an office that is always overheated and lacks humidity? Do you spend an unusual number of hours in an airplane? Do you spend hours in the sun playing tennis? Are you an avid skier? Is it impractical for you to wash your face more than twice a day? All of these factors should be considered when making skin care purchasing decisions.

The second factor is the marketplace.

If you don’t take the time to find out what’s available, you can’t possibly make well-informed choices. Too often we make decisions based solely upon what we see in the magazines. I’m not knocking the compa­nies that advertise, but there are many others who do not spend as much on advertising whose products are just as effective, and less expensive. In some instances, you may even prefer them.

I hope that you can get the most from the products available to you while avoiding some of the common pitfalls, including allergic-type reactions, cosmetic acne, and a dressing table cluttered with little-used, and very expensive, products that haven’t fulfilled your expectations. I truly believe in good skin care, but I really believe that it is not necessary for the average woman to spend a fortune to get the results she wants.

Skin Care 1 Best Way to Evaluate Your Skin to Create an Effective Skin Care Program

Granted that the problems of the skin care consumer seem small when placed next to the national debt or the nuclear arms race. However, at seven in the morning, when you are facing your image in the bathroom mirror, you’ll feel much better about yourself if you can say to yourself, “My skin looks terrific today!”

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