Best Way to Exercise before Pregnancy

Prior to pregnancy is a good time to create lifelong good health habits. And regular exercise is a good habit. If you already exercise regularly, continue your program. If you aren’t exercising at least three times a week, you should increase your activity slowly, but try to start doing something.

MostOBproviders will urge you to undertake some kind of mod­erate exercise on a regular basis during your pregnancy. But if you wait until you’re pregnant, you may feel overwhelmed at starting something that may make you perspire and be out of breath or off balance. Try to choose an activity that you will want to and be able to continue after you’re pregnant, such as walking, swimming, or yoga. Walking 20 minutes every other day is a safe way to start. If you can afford it, join a health club and use a treadmill, starting slowly increasing the intensity of effort. Remember if you like the exercise program you choose, you will be more likely to stick with it. Another suggestion is to try a “buddy system” to help you get in the habit of exercising. Identify a friend or coworker who also wants to start this good habit, and then urge each other to exercise together.

Exercise before Pregnancy Best Way to Exercise before Pregnancy

The time when you’re planning to become pregnant is also an excel­lent time to begin making friends with women who are already preg­nant or who have recently had babies. New moms often arrange to walk to the grocery store together with strollers or baby packs or to meet at the playground when the babies become toddlers. You will get to be around adults with at least one similar interest—your babies. You may discover lifelong friendships and get some exercise!

Use safety measures when you exercise:

  •  Don’t overdo it when you’re startins out. If it hurts during exercise, stop!
  •  Make sure your doctor agrees to your starting an exercise program if you haven’t been on one.
  •  It can be dangerous to walk alone in certain places or at night, get your partner or a friend to walk with you.

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