Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home Using Furniture

Furniture can influence the chi energy in your home, depending on the material it is made from, its shape and color. A home filled with modern high-tech furniture made from a hard material, such as metal, will feel very different from a home filled with antiques made from a softer material, such as wood.

In addition, modern furniture will create a different feel to antique items. Modern objects can bring in a fresh new feeling, while antiques have a more solid, established feeling.

Home Using Furniture Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home Using Furniture

When choosing furniture or setting up a new home it is important to think about what you want from life and what you want from your home, so that each item helps to create the right atmosphere to make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

The more furniture you have the slower energy will move around the room, and the easier it is to feel settled and comfortable. In a room that has less furniture and big open spaces, energy will move more quickly and, therefore, create a dynamic, active atmosphere.

When choosing chairs, tables or beds, think about when you will use them and what you hope to achieve in the room where they will be placed. A chair could be for relaxing, working or eating. Each chair needs to be different to help with each task.

Similarly a bed that is high off the ground can feel dramatic and more yang, while a futon on the floor can help you feel settled and more yin. However, when choosing a bed it is important to consider the amount of space between you and the ceiling. A high bed in a room with a low ceiling is not favourable as it can compress your chi energy field, making it harder to sleep deeply. It is helpful to leave a larger space between you and the ceiling.

When choosing a dining table it is important to consider how many people it will need to seat, as this will help you decide on the shape of the table. If you intend to have more than two people along each side, or more than six people, choose a round or oval table so that everyone can see and communicate with each other easily.

Using furniture

Write a list of tasks you do in your home that require you to sit on a chair. Use the list in the box to choose which type of chair would best suit each task. For example, if you are working on your accounts a stool would help, and if you want to be romantic with someone it might be easier on a low sofa, bean bag or large cushion.

Take a look at the chairs that you use in your home and consider whether an alternative type of seat would be helpful and more effective.

Think about how many people sit around your dining room table and if it is more than six consider changing to a round or oval table, if you do not already have one.

Home Using Furniture 1 Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home Using Furniture

If you have trouble sleeping, look at the distance between your bed and the ceiling. If you have a low or sloping ceiling and a high bed, consider changing to a lower bed.

Furniture needs to fit in with the proportions of your room, so if you have a high ceiling use taller items and smaller, lower items where the ceilings are low.

It helps to buy furniture with rounded edges. Even a small radius can make a big difference. The harder the material the more important it is to have rounded corners.

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