Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with a Water Feature

In oriental medicine the water inside our body, along with the chi energy that flows with it, has a special influence on our health. We are 70 per cent water ourselves and it is believed that the chi energy of the water inside our bodies is virtually the same as the chi energy of the water around us.

Consequently, any water close to us has the ability to influence the chi energy of the water inside our bodies. It is probably no accident that people throughout history have sought out water to help them heal themselves, convalesce or recuperate. Spa towns with natural springs and seaside towns have been popular locations for some time.

Home Water Feature Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with a Water Feature

It follows that as water has such an influence on people, having a water feature inside your home or garden will have a similar helpful effect. However, it is essential that the chi energy of any water close to us is healthy, fresh, clean and unpolluted.

When considering the use of a water feature you should first decide on what you want it to achieve. If your aim in life is to be more active you will need a more active yang, water feature with moving water. For example, a fountain, powerful waterfall or an aquarium stocked with quick, active fish. Conversely, to feel calmer you will need a water feature that is slow moving, such as water trickling across a stone or slow-moving fish in an aquarium. Another alternative would be to keep a bowl of fresh water in an appropriate place, although it is important to remember to change the water at the beginning of each day.

In fact, whatever water feature you choose you will need to be able to refresh the water regularly. Change some of the water at least once a week simply by taking a few cups out and refilling it.

Moving water has two practical advantages: first, as the water falls it collects dust and sometimes other toxins out of the air, and secondly it generates a multi-frequency sound known as white noise, which can mask other sounds.

Placing a water feature to the east or south-east of your home or room is important as it will nourish the tree chi energy of these directions. As the chi energy of the east is associated with ambition, confidence and activity a water feature here would make it easier to adopt these characteristics. Alternatively, placing a water feature in the south-east of your home or room will nourish the chi energy associated with communication, creativity and generating new ideas.

The influence of a water feature becomes more yang if the water is exposed to sunlight. If you position it so that it catches the eastern sun as it rises through the sky the water will be further energized.

The sun continues to rise to the south-east and this will also energize the water, although more gently. Both will increase the chi energy associated with vitality.

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