Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with Adding a Conservatory

A conservatory has a unique atmosphere as it is both a part of your home and part of the garden. It is a very natural environment and, if you are adding a conservatory to your home, it is helpful to be aware of this throughout every stage of its design and specification. Wherever possible use natural materials and allow plenty of space for plants.

Most conservatories will be designed to catch as much sunlight as possible and usually face a sunny direction. It is helpful if your conservatory catches the sunlight during most of the day as you will be able to use it for greater periods of time. Nevertheless, they can become very hot so it is helpful to site at least some part of the conservatory in the shade.

Adding a Conservatory Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with Adding a Conservatory

The materials you use will influence the atmosphere of the conservatory. If your conservatory faces east, south-east or south use wood wherever possible, whereas metal and stone would be better if it faces south-west or west.

When you add a conservatory to your home you will change the shape of the floor plan of your home. The ideal-shaped floor plan is as square as possible so that each of the eight directions are well represented. In some floor plans the proportions are such that only a few of the eight directions are present.

This is typical of a narrow or L-shaped home. It is, therefore, helpful to add the conservatory in a way that balances out the shape of the floor plan. Try not to add the conservatory in a way that makes the situation worse.

Conservatory seating

Having a conservatory provides you with an opportunity to spend time in a more natural environment, especially if you live in a climate where the weather is not suitable for spending long periods of time outdoors.

Conservatories can be used for a range of functions including eating, working and socializing. The seating can be arranged so as to make the experience of being there as comfortable as possible, whatever the occasion. You may find that grouping the seats together and using plants around them to contain the chi energy creates a very relaxing atmosphere.

Seating arrangements

It is advisable to do this exercise before the design of a new conservatory is finalized, as it may bring to light problems with the proposed plans.

Draw up a floor plan of your conservatory or proposed conservatory, using a convenient scale such as1m:4cm(1yd:2in). Draw and cut out chairs and other furniture to the same scale. It may help to cut out other items, such as plants, so that you can see how you will use the whole space. Look at ways of positioning the seating so that you are facing the most helpful directions.

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