Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with Plants

Plants are unique in that they bring natural living chi energy into your home which could otherwise be a dead space.

Healthy, growing plants have been found to be the most effective way of cleaning the air in a room. This has become more important today as rooms are increasingly filled with toxic fumes from materials such as MDF (medium-density fibreboard), plastics and paints. Bushy or leafy plants have also been found to be particularly helpful in reducing noise levels. The leaves absorb the sound waves from the air making a room quieter and more relaxing. Plants with more rigid, stronger and pointed leaves, such as yuccas, will radiate more dynamic yang chi energy. Plants with softer, floppy and rounded leaves, such as some types of ivy generate more relaxing yin chi energy. A stagnant or lifeless atmosphere can make people feel tired, drained or depressed. Usually you feel this way if your home is deficient in fresh, moving chi energy.

Home with Plants Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with Plants

The most effective way to refresh the chi energy in your home is to add plants. They will bring in more vitality to a space. It helps to put plants in all the rooms that benefit from natural light. The rooms you spend more time in, such as your bedroom, will be more important.

Plants have a variety of benefits. They can create harmony by calming the energy in a stressful environment or picking up the energy where it is dull.

It is good practice to use a variety of plants. However, if you use them for a specific task such as to cure depression, which is a more yin condition, it would, therefore, help to balance this with a more yang environment created by plants with pointed leaves.

A yin environment at home can contribute to depression. This might be due to damp conditions, coldness or a more yin style of decoration. Plants can be very effective at absorbing dampness from the air, helping to make the environment more yang. The color of the plants will brighten up a drab interior, especially if some of the plants are in flower.

Plants in the home

Walk around your home making notes of where you could have more plants. Ideally, each room should have at least two plants. Plants are very helpful in bathrooms and kitchens as they absorb dampness from the air. Refer to books on houseplants or seek advice if you need help in finding out which plants will grow best in a certain location. If you have problems looking after plants, find out what your options are available to help you. For instance, there are products available that automatically water plants. Avoid positioning a plant with pointed leaves close to your bed or where you sit for long periods of time.

Reduce feelings of depression

If you suffer from depression or lethargy, fill your home with healthy plants to increase the energy.

As the atmosphere in your home begins to feel livelier try doing some exercise as this will greatly help reduce feelings of depression. Start off with gentle stretching and short walks, working towards aerobic exercise. You may find it helpful to play some music with a strong beat.

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