Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with Suitable Flooring

The floor constitutes a large surface area of the home and by changing the flooring you have the opportunity to change the atmosphere of a room significantly.

The easiest way to think about your floor is that the harder, flatter and shinier the surface the faster the chi energy will flow. This will make for a more dynamic, exciting and lively atmosphere. A soft, textured or unpolished surface will slow down the movement of chi energy making the room feel more cosy, comfortable and intimate. However, the use of too many thick carpets or rugs can lead to a stale and stagnant environment. They are best suited to bedrooms and should be made from natural materials such as wool or cotton. Choose a natural underlay for your carpet. Synthetic materials, including carpets, will create their own charge of static electricity, which will have a negative influence on the flow of chi energy. Rush-matting and sea-grass flooring will also slow down the flow of chi energy, as they are soft and highly textured. It is important to keep all types of flooring as dust free as possible.

Suitable Flooring Best Way to Feng Shui Your Home with Suitable Flooring

Smooth, polished hardwood flooring will speed up the flow of chi energy, whereas rougher, softwood flooring tends to slow down the flow. The advantage of wood is that it is easy to clean and it creates a light, relaxing atmosphere without the risk of chi energy stagnating.

Stone and marble will help move energy throughout a room and if it is uneven it will tend to scatter the energy to a greater extent. This can be an advantage if you need to reduce the risk of energy stagnating.

Suitable flooring

Decide on which kind of flooring will be of benefit in your living room. If you have carpet you are unhappy with, check to see what type of floor lies beneath by pulling the carpet back. You may have a wooden floor below that can be made serviceable.

Collect samples of flooring and leave them on your floor to get an idea of what it will feel like. If you are considering a wooden floor try to find a solid wood version.

When you have found the flooring you are happy with, arrange for it to be laid by a professional or if you have the skills, lay it yourself.

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