Best Way to Fill Out a Job Application

You’re on the job hunt. Everywhere you go, you get handed that sheet of paper on a clipboard for you to fill out: the job application. Here’s how to make yours stand out from the pile.

Lynda Orban also helps jobseekers find their perfect job on She knows what to do when you’re handed that sheet of paper:

Come prepared. When you go to fill out a job application, take the information you will need with you. These are things you might not have in your wallet, like a transcript from school, emergency contact info, and references.

Fill Job Application Best Way to Fill Out a Job Application

Have your references ready. Never list someone as a reference if you haven’t talked to the person about it. The worst thing that could happen is that a potential employer calls a reference, and she says “Huh? Who?” or badmouths you. As you build experience in jobs, activities, and so on, get letters of recommendation. This will be helpful not only for jobs, but also for applying to colleges! Gather as you go. It’ll be hard if you call someone and say, “Remember three years ago when I was in your Girl Scout troop? Can you write me a letter of recommendation?”

Handle the “experience” section. You might not have a ton of job experience, so you need to talk about school and extracurricular activities. Some of these might have the responsibilities of a “real” job. Talk about things like regular babysitting gigs, being treasurer of the Honors Society, volunteering, or being a member of a sports team.

Know your money facts. Most applications have a “wage desired” section. Don’t just leave this blank. Don’t ask for too little if you have great experience. But you have to have something to back you up for what you are asking. You have to start somewhere. Don’t expect to make a ton at first.

Be honest. Bottom fine: Be honest on your applications. Don’t embellish, He, and so forth, because the potential employer will find out

Print neatly! Bring white-out. Sloppiness is a reflection on your professionalism.

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