Best Way to Fix Beauty Emergencies

You want to look your very best but what happens? You wake up on that important morning only to discover a huge spot smack in the middle of your forehead, dark bags under your eyes and lips so sore that they look positively dry-roasted. There’s no time for long-term solutions – you need a cure on the double!

Spots and blackheads

Problem: a red, raw, pulsating pimple.

Solution: do not squeeze or touch the spot as this will aggravate it. Instead, dab on a healing spot lotion, such as Eve Lom’s Dynamite lotion, Kiehl’s Drying Paste, Desert Essence’s Blemish Touch Stick or tea-tree essential oil. Take care to avoid overdrying it, or your pimple could become tricky to conceal. Before applying make-up, cover the spot with an antiseptic, non-greasy concealer, then set it with powder. Try The Body Shop’s Tea-tree oil Cover Stick or Almay’s Clear Balance Concealer.

Fix Beauty Emergencies Best Way to Fix Beauty Emergencies

If your pimple is in a seductive place, why not take a brown eyeliner pencil and transform it into a beauty spot or stick one of Temptu’s fake beauty spots over it? To remove unsightly blackheads, use a removal strip, such as Biore’s Pore Perfect Cleansing Strips, Ponds Clear Pore Strips or Elizabeth Arden’s Pore-Fix C.

Dry patches

Problem: patches of ultra-dry skin, caused by cold weather or central heating, that refuse to respond to your regular moisturiser.

Solution: firstly, remove any flaky skin by gentle exfoliation. Now apply a rehydrating mask to replace lost moisture and follow that with a rich moisturiser or urgent-moisture product. If your moisturiser is not rich enough, try using a blob of night cream. Alternatively, opt for one of the brilliant instant-remedy products on the market, such as Prescriptive’s Flight Cream, Kiehl’s Vit-E Ultra Moisturising Stick or Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream.

A shiny forehead

Problem: a forehead that glistens and is so shiny that others can almost see their reflection in it; this could be the result of oily skin, hot weather or excess oil produced during your period.

Solution: apply one of the instant ‘wonder’ products which lap up oil, such as Philosophy’s Never Let Them See You Shine, Decor’s SOS Regulating Gel or Helena Rubinstein’s Mat Specialist Shine Control. For a quick fix, blot with The Body Shop’s Papier Poudre Oil Blotting Papers, Mister Mascara Japanese Rice Powder Block, Shiseido’s Pureness Oil Blotting Paper or, for a DIY blotter, use kitchen paper.

Fix Beauty Emergencies 1 Best Way to Fix Beauty Emergencies


Problem: you’ve overdone the sunbathing and, as a result, look like a baked lobster.

Solution: cool and calm your skin down by resting a cold face cloth on the area for ten minutes. Remove cloth, and leave skin to breathe for a while before soothing and replenishing lost moisture with a lotion containing aloe vera or with a soothing product, such as Odely’s Soothing Gel Mask, Clarins’ Aftersun Gel Ultra Soothing or Ambre Solaire’s Instant Spray Relief. For a natural remedy, smear on the gel from the aloe vera plant. Diffuse redness by applying self-tanning lotion to the area or by using a green-tinted primer (also known as skin base or tint).

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