Best Way to Get Along with Your Mother

Yeah, that means you. Melissa Palmer didn’t always get along with her mother. She’s now in her early 20s and works for Osea, an all natural skin care line that has been featured in most major magazines, including Vogue, InStyle, and Teen People. Her mother owns the company. Yup, that’s right. She works for her mother.

Melissa says, “In a million years I never would have thought I would work with my mother. When I was a teen, if you had told vae that, I would never have believed it. I was always a product junkie and I admired her products. But I went off and worked other places. I didn’t think I would work for her. And it took some adjust­ment, but now it works. And we have lots of fun working together.”

Get Along with Your Mother Best Way to Get Along with Your Mother

Here is advice from Melissa, who talked to me, along with her mother Jenefer, about how to get along better:

Appreciate your differences.  Realize you’re different people with different interests and personalities. My mom’s the creative free-spirited type, and I’m a detail-oriented numbers person. We have to work with our differences. But it’s great because we play off our strengths, and the other person is there to help cover our weakness.

Show her some respect. I try to keep my feelings in check. I used to take my moodiness out on my mother. Now I try to take her feelings into consideration, too. And I think of her as a person, not just a mom. It’s an evolution in our relationship.

Do things together. My mom and I always made time to do things together. We liked to shop, to take walks, and to cook to­gether. We also made beauty routines together, which gave us time to pamper and take care of ourselves.

Listen to her. Your mother can teach you so many lessons. For example, my mother taught me that beauty comes from the inside. I learned eventually to listen to her when she said no, because she al­most always did have a good reason.

Try not to feel embarrassed by her. It’s natural to get embar­rassed by your mother. But I learned that nobody else is noticing that, say, your mom is really noisy when she chews even though you are humiliated. I remember my friends thought my mom was cool even when I was thinking she was embarrassing.

Admire her. I admire my mom for what she has done with the business. She also stayed home and was always available for me and for my brother. There’s a lack of emphasis on family these days, so I really appreciate that she has always been there for me and still is.

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