Best Way to Help Yourself Feel Settled at Home Using Feng Shui

Sharp edges or corners from another building can direct fast-flowing chi energy towards your home. The effect of this is that you could feel less settled at home, find it harder to relax and become more easily stressed. Over a long period of time it might even be harder to maintain good health.

The closer the corner of another building is to your home and the larger it is, the greater the influence. In addition, a building with hard, flat, shiny surfaces, such as glass, will speed up and direct the chi energy at your home more forcefully than one that is made up of textured, softer materials such as wood or bricks.

Home Using Feng Shui Best Way to Help Yourself Feel Settled at Home Using Feng Shui

To solve this potential problem you need to slow down the chi energy as it approaches your home and deflect some of it away. Chi energy can easily be slowed down by vegetation, including hedges, bushes or trees, and deflected away from your home by using a reflective surface, such as a convex mirror or a brass plaque. An additional option would be to use wind chimes to generate sound waves to help disperse the fast-flowing energy. The ideal solution is to use a variety of remedies. A tree will soften higher sharp energy, bushes lower sharp energy and reflective surfaces will take care of any energy that gets through to your home.

Sharp energy

Walk around the outside of your home looking carefully at nearby buildings. Also walk around the top floor of your home, as you will get a better view of the surroundings. If you see the corner of a building pointing towards you, make an assessment of the potential harm. If it is another home with one or two floors and further than100m(109yd) away it will not pose a threat. A large, commercial building with glass outer surfaces and a similar distance away could be a problem.

To reduce the energy from the corner plant a hedge, some bushes or a tree in-between the corner and your home. Evergreens will provide cover during the winter.

If possible, hang a convex mirror or shiny metal convex plaque on the outside of your home so that it faces the corner. Position this so that it is easy to clean or polish or keep shiny. Alternatively, you can hang a ba gua mirror so that it faces the corner. This is an eight-sided mirror with the trigrams etched into the glass.

Hang some wind chimes between your home and the corner. Find a location where the chime will catch the wind and ring frequently.

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