Best Way to Hydrate Your Skin

The dry air generated by central heating and air-conditioning, and exposure to the elements can dehydrate our skin. Nourish your skin by replenishing the water it loses every day.

Skin is thirsty; it craves oil and moisture. Oil keeps it supple and moisture plumps up the skin cells, making them look younger. Without these two elements, skin begins to sag and wrinkle, and it reels unpleasantly taut and dry. That is why every branded moisturizer on the market is basically a mixture of oil and water, blended with emulsifiers to keep them from separating, which they would do naturally alter a very short time.

Hydrate Skin Best Way to Hydrate Your Skin

The problem with emulsifiers, however, is that many ol them create problems for sensitive skin. Instead of sitting on the skin’s surface, emulsiliers make inroads into the outer skin barrier so irritants, essential oils, and other chemicals can get below the surface. Here, they may set off a reaction, seen on the skin as redness or bumps, and felt as itching or burning. Making your own creams avoids the need for emulsifiers, since you can maintain fresh supplies and remix if the cream separates.

What to avoid

If you buy over-the-counter moisturizers, avoid pore-blocking ingredients such as petrolatum and mineral oil. Look among the natural brands for products with short ingredient lists, which indicates that fewer preservatives and chemicals have been used in their preparation. Logona, Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, Jurlique, and Burt’s Bees are among the brands that oiler 100-percent natural, synthetic-chemical-free skincare. Alternatively, make your own.

Facial creams and oils

By day wear a cream, as protection and as a smooth base for makeup. At night, experiment with facial oils: pure, liquid plant energy. Many facial oils have a hazelnut oil base, a featherlight plant oil to which is added wheatgerm, grapeseed, and active essential oils, with maybe a little antioxidant vitamin E. Other facial oils may be created with wheatgerm, grapeseed, or almond oil bases.

Hydrate Skin 1 Best Way to Hydrate Your Skin

These facial oils sink into the skin surprisingly fast and, provided “balancing” essential oils are used, can work even for oily skins (oil doesn’t need to make oily skin greasy.) Find beautiful blends in lines by Decleor, E’SPA, Aesop, Clarins, Neal’s Yard, Elemis, Dr. Hauschka, Caudalie, Cariad, and Jurlique. Alternatively, have the reassurance of knowing that what you’re feeding your face is 100-percent organic, by making your own moisturizing creams and oils.

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