Best Way to Improve the Followthrough of a Golf Swing

There are two stationary positions in the golf swing, the start and the finish which, in golfing terms, are known as the address and the followthrough. A good finish is very important to the swing as a whole.

You should think of the followthrough as being like the brakes on your car: you won’t generate speed without a good braking system. When you can get a good start and a good finish, you can then pay attention to your backswing and other parts of the swing, but with an instinct to hit the ball solidly towards your target. Too many golfers spend time thinking about their backswing and forget that the whole idea is to hit the ball to a target that is ahead of you.

Golf Swing 1 Best Way to Improve the Followthrough of a Golf Swing

Whatever your standard as a golfer, the most important point to remember is: Think B for Balance.

In the correct followthrough, your weight should move round towards the left heel with the left leg reasonably straight. The right knee should settle against the side of the left leg with the right foot round on the very tips of the toes. Remember that the right toot has to be straight in front at address to allow this to happen. Your hips should face the target with the weight comfortably set on the left leg.

The club should settle on your left shoulder. If you look down at the club shaft there is usually a label (on a steel) or writing (on a graphite) shaft about 10 cm (4in) down from the bottom of the grip. This spot should land comfortably on your shoulder. Don’t strangle yourself. The elbows should be level with each other and level with the shoulders, forming a natural right angle. With the wrists released and relaxed the club shaft settles on your shoulder, hands beside your left ear.

The elbows stay roughly the same width as they started and level with each other. The impression should be of the knees, hips, shoulders and elbows all facing the target. The shoulders will aim slightly left of target but the feeling should be of facing where you are going.

Golf Swing Best Way to Improve the Followthrough of a Golf Swing

Continue to practise the followthrough without a backswing. Start at address and move through to the finish until you can comfortably settle the club on your shoulder. Remember that you want the club travelling at 160kph through impact. You need to learn how to put the brakes on.

At the end of the followthrough, you shouldn’t look as though you are going to break your nose or knock yourself out! If your followthrough is poor, you won’t generate speed. To feel the correct finish, face forward, standing upright, and simply fold your arms up to settle the club on your left shoulder.

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