Best Way to Improve Your Family Life with Feng Shui

You can use the principle of changing your mood through imagery to help your whole family. This can be especially empowering for children. Keeping a record of their most successful moments in life will serve to remind them that they can overcome difficulties and challenges through their own efforts.

It is important to cultivate an environment where they can feel proud of themselves and do things to a high standard because they care, rather than to please their parents. Once this becomes part of their character it will be easier for them to be self-motivated in later years.

Family Life with Feng Shui Best Way to Improve Your Family Life with Feng Shui

To encourage this, allow your children to have their own space to display photographs, artwork, awards, good reports and other similar material. The space should be clean, tidy and in a prominent position within the house. Try not to interfere even if you would prefer them to choose different items to display. If you have your own well-organized area for positive imagery, they can follow your example.

Another way to improve your children’s self-esteem and encourage closer relationships within the family is to have a message board where you can leave spontaneous messages. For instance, ‘I love you,’ ‘you should be proud of your latest homework’ or ‘what a beautiful painting’, will help make them feel that little bit more special. They should also be encouraged them to leave messages when they feel like it.

Pin board

Choose a pin board that will fit into the space you have available. Fix it in place and explain to your children how to use it. Encourage them to put a variety of images there and to renew them from time to time. Add your own family pictures and keep changing them to keep the board fresh and alive.

Find and put up a noticeboard that you can write on. Write spontaneous messages on the board when the mood takes you. Encourage the rest of the family to feel free to do the same.

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