Best Way to Improve Your Inner Beauty

Beauty goes infinitely deeper than face value, so if you want to improve your looks focus on your inner glow.

Charm, vibrancy and magnetism: these qualities are sparked by something far more compelling than the colour of your hair or your face shape. Cosmetics, clothes, exercise and diet all play their part in creating good looks, but it is inner beauty that takes the major role in the big beauty picture. This priceless beauty ingredient is invincible, transcending time and all the other factors that affect our physical appearance. If an internal fire glows within, it manifests itself outwardly as glistening eyes and a dazzling smile.

Inner Beauty Best Way to Improve Your Inner Beauty

If you find the concept of inner beauty hard to grasp, try to imagine how someone who lacks it might be: an expressionless person who does not sparkle, whose smile is forced and who has little or no personal aura or charisma. I have met many women and men who might be considered physically unattractive if it wasn’t for their inner beauty. One such person that springs to mind is an overweight man whose charm and lust for life give him more presence than the most drop-dead-gorgeous Adonis. Another is a relatively ordinary-looking woman, whose sparkling eyes and radiant, smiling face impart her with natural beauty.

But before you chuck out your make-up and mutter a prayer of thanks for this thing called ‘inner beauty’, don’t think that relying on it means that you can neglect your exterior. Treat it like that of a car – a material object that you want to keep polished, regularly serviced and take pride in. Remember, however, that it is the engine and the person driving the car that really matter, so develop your inner glow, too, and you will embody a very special package indeed.

Happiness equals beauty

A truly beautiful person is someone with a warm heart, who is kind, generous and caring, as these are the essential nutrients for the soul. On the flip side, bitterness, envy, jealousy, criticism, tension and other negative feelings and emotions reveal themselves in the face and can mar both inner and outer beauty. Strive to be as happy as possible and do things that induce positive moods such as laughing, listening to music, watching a good film and spending time with friends.

Inner Beauty 1 Best Way to Improve Your Inner Beauty

Happiness smoothes out the rough edges in your mind; notice how when you are happy your frown lines vanish and a softer expression appears on your face. Because, at the end of the day, happy thoughts are more effective than the most expensive beauty treatment.

Beauty is an attitude

I can munch salad like a rabbit, say ‘no’ to cigarettes and meditate nearly as well as any Buddhist, but the one element of beauty that I, and many others, find difficult to master is the mind. You feel young, but your mind keeps telling you that you’re old; you’ve been told that you’re attractive, yet your mind won’t accept it. Such destructive thoughts result in self-criticism, which can spiral into low self-esteem. A healthy mind is intrinsically linked to inner beauty and is also vital for a positive self-image and self-confidence. So work hard at thinking positively and at obliterating any negative thoughts; you’ll soon find that your mind and body will become harmonised.

Show enthusiasm and interest in life

One infallible way of increasing your inner glow is to show interest in both others and everything going on around you – world events, your job, your city and your friends. And whether it’s a mundane chore or something more riveting, be enthusiastic about everything that you do and your facial expressions will always be animated. Vibrancy, warmth and beauty emanate from someone who has enthusiasm and is interested in life.

Inner Beauty 11 Best Way to Improve Your Inner Beauty


People fall in love with a smile – it makes you look twice as pretty and knocks years off your age. Smiling is incredibly infectious and has a habit of winning people over. A warm smile and radiant expression can invest even the plainest person with beauty. But remember there is a big difference between a natural smile that stems from your heart, and a superficial grin that is forced or insincere.

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