Best Way to Increase Your Desire for Sex Using Feng Shui

Sexual vitality is primarily associated with energy found in the northern part of your home. Northern chi energy is represented by water, the night and winter. Bringing more northern energy into your own chi energy field can help increase your desire for sex. This chi energy also helps you to feel relaxed, intimate and affectionate.

You can also consider using the chi energy of the south to feel more passionate and of the west to feel more romantic, if these are missing from your life. Other common-sense steps, such as working on your relationship, eating the appropriate diet and resolving any issues you might have about sex by seeking professional advice, can be important factors.

Sex Using Feng Shui Best Way to Increase Your Desire for Sex Using Feng Shui

Crystalshave the effect of refracting light as it passes through them. A crystal hung in the sunlight will refract light, spreading it throughout the room and helping to bring in more energy. Spherical, multi-faceted crystals are available with a cord already attached.

You can also use rock crystals which are taken from deep within mountains where they have absorbed the earth’s chi energy. These crystals emit this chi energy, increasing the energy of a room. Different crystals emit different types of chi energy and you will need to try to find a crystal that best suits your own needs.

Placing either kind of crystal in the northern part of your home or your bedroom will increase sexual energy. You could also add sexually stimulating imagery to this part of the room.

Using a rock crystal in the home

Use your notes about the position of the sun or a compass to determine where the northern part of your home or bedroom is. Clear a space so that the crystal has room to radiate its chi energy. If you wish to use a rock crystal place it in a clean, uncluttered area that is facing north.

Hanging a crystal

If you wish to hang a spherical crystal, look in the northern part of your home or room and, ideally, find a window that catches some sunlight from the east or west. If you have a choice, the west would be better for helping a relationship. Experiment and hang the crystal so that at some time in the day, the sunlight is refracted into the northern part of your home or bedroom. You may need to adjust the position of the crystal at different times of the year as the sun changes its position in the sky.

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