Best Way to Let Go of the Past Using Feng Shui in Your Home

A room or home that contains clutter will be at greater risk of energy stagnating. The clutter will slow down the flow of chi energy making it more difficult to refresh and renew the atmosphere in a room.

Clutter can cling on to chi energy, keeping it in one place for long periods of time. This can lead to a stuffy feeling which may make you feel less active and unable to do more in life. In extreme cases, the person living in a very cluttered home can feel that their life is stagnating.

Feng Shui3 Best Way to Let Go of the Past Using Feng Shui in Your Home

During your life you may encounter difficult times that you will have to make a big effort to overcome. It will hinder your progress if you have kept items from this, or other difficult times, as they will act as reminders and will hold you back. For example, if a relationship ended and you were finding it difficult to move on and start a new one it would not help to see reminders of the previous relationship in your home.

During times when you want to move forwards in life and let go of the past it helps to get rid of clutter and open up your home so that it is easier for the chi energy to flow.

It is also good to keep items that remind you of the good times and things that will help your children or grandchildren appreciate their ancestry.

Cleaning the atmosphere

Get a number of large cardboard boxes and label each one with today’s date. Take one box, label it ‘long term’ and put all the things in it that you think you will not need for some time. Do this in each room and include things like old make-up containers you no longer use, unused equipment, books, magazines and non-essential paperwork.

Next take a box and mark it ‘finished’ and put inside all the items that remind you of a part of your history that you wish to leave behind. This could include photographs, non­essential documents, letters and artwork.

Now take another box and mark it ‘undecided’ and put into it all the things that clutter your home but you are not sure if you will miss.

After a month throw out, or give to charity, the box marked ‘finished’ if you have not missed anything. Keep the other two boxes and after a month look through them to see if you can transfer anything from ‘undecided’ to ‘long term’ or if you need to transfer any of the long-term items to ‘undecided’. After three months see if you feel comfortable parting with the contents of the ‘long term’ box. Repeat this exercise every year to stop new clutter building up.

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