Best Way to Make an Exercise Plan

Exercise works best if you do it regularly. People who exer­cise regularly often have an exercise plan. A plan means choosing a time and place for exercise, selecting a specif­ic exercise activity, and sometimes persuading a friend to join you.


The first step in putting together an exercise plan is to determine your present level of fitness. If you are older than 50 or have any chronic medical problems, consult with your doctor before beginning a strenuous exercise program. Almost anyone can begin walking right away, however.

Exercise Plan Best Way to Make an Exercise Plan

You can usually determine your fitness level by trying something simple like walking or jogging. For several days in a row, walk or jog until you begin to feel tired. Whatev­er distance and speed you can do repeatedly without feel­ing tired is your baseline level. This is where you should start. Don’t worry if you can’t do much at first. The benefits of exercise are actually the greatest for people who start from a very low level.

The second step is to design an exercise schedule. It’s not necessary to exercise every day Three times a week is plenty. Pick activities you like. For example:

  •  Take a walk, by yourself or with a friend.
  •  Ride a stationary bicycle while watching TV.
  •  Walk up and down stairs while listening to music.
  •  Take an aerobics class in your neighborhood.
  •  Join a local league to play a competitive sport such as soccer, volleyball, or tennis.

It’s okay if you don’t stick with your schedule com­pletely. You may intend to walk a half-hour every day, but then miss 3 days in a row. Don’t think that all is lost, lust get back to your exercise routine as soon as you can. If you’ve missed more than a week, you may need to start at a lower level and work your way up to where you were when you stopped.

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