Best Way to Massage Your Skin

Massage is both the basis of good skincare and the key skin preserver. It improves the skin’s tone and the efficiency of cleansing, activates its metabolism, stimulates blood circulation, encourages the oxygen supply to cells and, by breaking down pockets of fluid and fatty deposits, also helps to decongest the skin.

Many other facialists believe that massage should be an essential part of everyone’s daily skincare regime and has therefore devised a simple massage technique for her clients.

Skin massage Best Way to Massage Your Skin

For best results, many experts recommend using their own cleansing milk and repeating the regime morning and night. A couple of hints: never massage dry skin. And it’s no good just tickling your face: for the massage to be effective you need to apply some pressure. If you are massaging your skin correctly, your face should have a healthy glow to it.

Step 1 – Splash your face with water, before smoothing cleanser over your face and neck.

Step 2 – Using two middle fingers, start massaging your face in upward, circular movements, sliding your fingers along your cheeks, across the forehead and around the nasal area, not forgetting the neck. Do this for between thirty and sixty seconds.

Step 3 – Wipe away any remnants of cleanser, washing your face if you wish. Towel-dry your face and continue with your skincare regime.

Skin massage 1 Best Way to Massage Your Skin

Perfect skin – it’s all in the mind

A final word about achieving a flawless complexion: we know that the mind and the skin are intrinsically linked and that mental stress can manifest itself in such skin conditions as acne and eczema. Some gurus strongly believe that a positive attitude can benefit your skin: ‘Accept your spot and it will go away; get paranoid about it and you’ll end up with a whole crop of them.’ Perhaps that explains why we always manage to get a spot in the most eye-drawing place precisely when we want to look our best for a hot date or important interview!

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