Best Way to Organize Your Desk with Feng Shui

The surface of your desk or workstation will make a difference to the way you feel about working there. If it gets cluttered with paperwork you will find it difficult to be organized and effective. It is, therefore, important to have readily accessible and easy to use storage facilities. Today, maintaining a tidy, uncluttered desktop should not be a problem as computers enable us to work with much less paper.

Take all the items off the top of your desk so that you have a clear surface. Decide on whether or not it is essential to have each item on your desk. One way of doing this is to put everything into a box next to your desk and over a period of time see which things you really need. Some items, which you do not want to throw out but do not need to be on your desk could be put into storage. Try to keep as much as you can in desk drawers so that your desktop is clear.

Desk with Feng Shui Best Way to Organize Your Desk with Feng Shui

Clearing surfaces

Use the principle of the four animals to help you decide where to put things. Place an imaginary layout of the four animals over your desk so that the phoenix is furthest away and place objects in the areas that most suit the chi energy of that particular direction.

For example, the right-hand side of your desk is associated with the tiger and western chi energy, which, in turn, relates to financial income, so you could keep loose change, cheques paid to you, or something made of gold or silver in this direction.

The area at the front, furthest away from where you sit, is the phoenix and is associated with the south, which, in turn, relates to public recognition. This part of the desk would be an ideal place for any awards that you have received.

The left-hand side of your desk is associated with the dragon and eastern chi energy. Here you could put something that reminds you of what you want to achieve with your career or business.

The area immediately in front of you relates to the tortoise and the north, which, in turn, is associated with personal development through courses and career experience. You could keep a list of ways in which you would like to see yourself grow and develop in this area.

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