Best Way to Parent a Step Child

I have seen several cases in my life up till now and I am sure you have too that how hard it is to parent a step child. If you are reading this piece of information then I guess you are in a similar situation and having problems with your step child or your partner is having problems with your child. Well, I guess this is something natural or may be due to the society that most of the step parents cannot really deal with their step children. There are ways to tackle such situations and make it easier for such parents to adjust with their step children. However, it is important that either the parent or the child is ready to compromise and negotiate; there always have to be some compromise and sacrifice to make things work out.

First of all, before marrying someone a person should think whether it is the right decision especially if children are involved. Children do not really take this situation lightly and it is hard for them to accept a step parent at any point in life; especially if they are teenagers. They always consider the step parent to be some sort of a villain in their life and in their real parent’s life as well.

Parent Step Child Best Way to Parent a Step Child

There are many mistakes of a step parent as well that contribute to making the child think in such a way. Once you decide to get married and if your future partner already have children; prior to getting married it is important that you start talking to them and being familiar. Communication is something that cures all the misunderstandings. At many times step parents do not accept their step children by heart either and this is when the situation will never get worked out. Look at it this way; you love someone who already had children and you want to marry that person; for the sake of your love accept them by your heart. They are your partner’s children therefore they will be your children as well. There are relationships beyond blood and flesh as well so think about it.

Parenting a step child has never been easy. Many people take help from counseling and joining classes that teach on how to deal with step children. Many times these classes really help while at other times the children would again win the battle. Well, being a parent you should not give up as the step child in front of you is not a grown up or mature enough to understand; it will take some time but you just have to put in some efforts in making the child realize that you have no negative thoughts in your heart and are ready to accept him or her as your own child. Remember, the step child you are dealing with has no experience of life and cannot really understand relations that well right now; his mind and body are still in the growing process therefore do not get ticked off at anything and make a bad image out of yourself showing that you really are a step parent.

You have to build that level of authority that a biological parent has over the children. Start being a friend to your step child than a parent. Well, being a parent and not a friend works just fine with biological parents but a step parent cannot do this otherwise the child will grow as a rebel and especially for teenagers as I mentioned before. You have to begin everything becoming the child’s friend before a parent; gain trust and build a strong relationship. There are small gifts given in friendship that you have to offer.

Parent Step Child 1 Best Way to Parent a Step Child

This is something that might feel to be a little materialistic at first but do not give up; with time your step child with start looking right inside you. However, this also does not mean that you get your step child whatever he or she wishes for. You should gift things that are not big but still carry a lot of meaning to them. If you see that your step child is not feeling good because of some upcoming test; gift that lucky rabbit’s foot you got when you were a child and once the test has gone by, take your child out to celebrate; may be to Starbucks.

Lastly, always make sure that you are available for your child at all times and not overbearing at the same time. There is a balance you need to keep between overcrowding your step child and building a relationship. Give your step child space when he or she talks to you; if the answers are not satisfying enough, do not get frustrated as it will take time for the child to open to you as a friend.

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