Best Way to Position Your Bed in Feng Shui

The location of your bed in terms of the direction the top of your head points and your relationship to the rest of the room will have one of the greatest influences on your chi energy field. So, if you want to experience far-reaching changes in your life, make sure that you sleep with your head facing the direction best for you.

The information below will help you to decide which direction the top of your head should face when lying in your bed.

Bed in Feng Shui Best Way to Position Your Bed in Feng Shui

You may need to experiment by having your bed at an angle to the walls to test the direction that is best for you. If you find your life improves you can re-arrange your room around the new position you have chosen.

We spend more time in bed than anywhere else and, consequently, it is where we tend to absorb the most environmental chi energy. When we sleep we are especially passive and receptive to outside forces. In oriental medicine the spiral in your hair, found near your crown, is believed to be the point where most of the chi energy enters your body. The direction the top of your head faces will influence the kind of energy you will absorb. For these reasons the position of your bed provides a wonderful opportunity to enhance your own chi energy field.

Facing south

Its high energy and hot, fiery nature makes this direction helpful if you want to feel more passionate, expressive and social. However, it is not normally recommended for anyone who has trouble sleeping, gets stressed easily or is argumentative. It can be a mentally stimulating energy that can help to sharpen your mind.

Facing south-west

This is a good direction to point if you want to feel more settled. Beneficial south-western energy focuses on improving the quality of your life in terms of a better relationship, a happier family life and greater satisfaction at work. It is also helpful for good sleep, practicality and being realistic.

Facing west

Western chi energy combines the benefits of good sleep with feelings of contentment. It helps in terms of your finances and romance. At times the feelings of contentment can also lead to laziness, and reduced motivation, making it more suitable for someone who has already become established in his or her career.

Facing north-west

North-west is a helpful direction if you need a long, deep, sleep. It also brings with it the energy associated with leadership, responsibility and feeling in control. It could be too serious for a young person.

Facing north

North is a very peaceful direction to point which makes it ideal for insomnia sufferers, however, it can make your whole life too quiet. This direction will enhance feelings of peace and tranquillity, and bring you closer to the spiritual world. It can also help you to feel more intimate, affectionate and sexual but, generally, it is not ideal for a young person.

Facing north-east

This energy can be too hard, and piercing for good sleep and could have the effect of making you feel on edge. It may also increase the incidence of nightmares. The advantage is that it improves your motivation, competitiveness and decisiveness. It can help if you want to get a clearer sense of direction in life.

Bed in Feng Shui 1 Best Way to Position Your Bed in Feng Shui

Facing east

Eastern energy is ideal for young people. It relates to the beginning of the day and helps induce the feeling that everything is in front of you. Good for ambition, getting things done and for being kept busy. It is helpful for building up your life and starting new projects. As the energy of the east is most active at the beginning of the day, it also helps in terms of waking up with enthusiasm.

Facing south-east

Good for communication, relationships, imagination and increased creativity, this energy can help you form new ideas, be persistent and work towards your long-term goals. It is associated with your future prosperity and growth.

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