Best Way to Practice Short-Putt Golf Swing

First, practise the short-putt swing without hitting any balls. Simply concentrate on making a smooth, short back-and-forward movement. Do this three or four times, or until you feel you have the right rhythm.

Next, take three balls and, without a target, strike them on the sweet spot, trying with each stroke to send the ball the same distance, without looking at the result of each stroke. Check then to see if the three balls have indeed rolled the same distance. If not, did you feel any difference when you struck the ball that didn’t?

Putt Golf Swing Best Way to Practice Short Putt Golf Swing

When you have been successful with this, repeat the exercise, this time with a slightly longer stroke.

This little starting session will, from the outset, help free your mind from the mechanics of the stroke. It will also help you to create the right feel for the movement and for the length achieved by that movement.

The putting routine

Repeat three or lour times, to establish your putting routine, before choosing a hole that is level and only a short distance away, say 2 ft (60 cm). Cio through the little routine you have just practised, that is, aim the putter at the target and take two practice swings without the ball to gauge the amount of movement your putter will need to roll the ball that far. Now place the putter head with the sweet spot centred on the ball. Only then do you position your feet so that the ball is inside a line to the left instep. Bend forwards so that your eyes are over the target line and just behind the ball. Check twice to see that the club face is pointed directly at the centre of the hole, then swing the arms back and forwards, striking the ball cleanly on the sweet spot.

Simply repeat the practice swing with which you satisfactorily gauged the distance to the hole. Above all, stand quite still throughout, especially at the finish of your stroke. Don’t move your head to see if the ball has gone into the cup. Keep your head still and listen to the satisfactory sound of it rattling in.

Do this with all three balls, going through the full putting routine each time. Then whenever you putt, either on the putting green or on the course, follow the same routine, which is an important aid to consistency.

Those who have not played a good deal previously may find putting practice tiring (even experienced players do), so a time limit of fifteen minutes is a good idea. This should enable you to play ten series of three balls per series before your concen­tration begins to fade. Remember that it is better to practise ten minutes a time, five times a week, than to practise once a week for fifty minutes.

Putt Golf Swing 1 Best Way to Practice Short Putt Golf Swing

Grade your progress

Write down the results of all putting drills – short, medium and long – so that you can pinpoint your weaknesses and concentrate on those drills that will help you to improve. Use a points system where possible – this will enable you to compare results and to move from success to success.

Practising the putting movement

In order to be able to strike the ball correctly, time after time, you must practise the putting movement to ensure that the face points at the target at impact and the shape of the swing is correct from the start.

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