Best Way to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Sunshine improves your mental health dramatically, but it can have devastating physical effects. Make sure that you are properly protected so you can enjoy the sun’s benefits safely.

The ingredients to look in sunblock for are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are milled from minerals. In the old days, they gave skin a white or gray cast, but new micro-milling techniques mean they’re almost invisible on skin while offering optimum protection.

Protect Skin from Sun Best Way to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Alas, it isn’t possible to make your own sunscreens safely. However, a couple ol companies make sun protection based on mineral sunblock ingredients: Dr. Hauschka and Weleda. Jurlique uses a tiny percentage of chemical sunscreens, holding the opinion that the tradeoff between a very small amount of chemicals for a more effective product is worth it.

In addition to using sunblock, protect skin naturally from within by eating a good wholefood diet, with plenty of brightly colored vegetables and fruits, which are naturally protective. Take supplements of antioxidant vitamins A (such as beta-carotene), C, and E to boost that protection (ask about quantities at your natural food store), and above all, use common sense. Drink plenty of spring water, too, to prevent the skin from dehydrating.

Smart sunning

  • When shopping, you need to be aware that the actual SPF rating of your sun cream is likely to be between one-half and one-third of the SPF stated on the packaging.
  • Never sunbathe – you’ll pick up some color just by walking around, even from lying in the shade.
  • Avoid sun exposure during the peak hours: between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Be sunsmart even on cloudy days: UV rays can penetrate clouds, and the aging UVA rays in sunlight can even go through glass.
  • The sun’s rays are more intense in tropical and semitropical locations, because exposure becomes more direct the closer you get to the equator. Intensity is also increased in higher elevations where the atmosphere is thinner. Extra protection for eyes and lips is necessary, in both cases.
  • Protect yourself while swimming, and reapply afterward.
  • You can cut clown on overall exposure received by spending intermittent periods of time in the shade, but be aware that you need to wear sun protection there, too.

Protect Skin from Sun 1 Best Way to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

  • Wear a hat with a four-inch-wide brim (minimum) and sunglasses, even when walking short distances.
  • Cover up. Tightly woven clothing offers the better protection. Loose, tight-weave clothing is best of all.
  • Infants under 12 months old should be shielded from any sun exposure. Use an SPF25 or above on children of all ages, and dress them in protective clothing, making sure the ultra-vulnerable back ol the neck is well protected. The Skin Cancer Foundation has concluded that if a child is protected from the sun by a high SPF (25-50) at six months, continuing through adolescence, the chances of sun damage or developing skin cancer are greatly reduced.

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