Best Way to Refresh Yourself with Feng Shui

Cleaning is a quick and immediate way to change the atmosphere in your home. After a thorough ‘spring clean’ your home will feel fresher.

A clean atmosphere will provide you with more vitality and energy. It is also easier to relax in a clean and tidy environment, particularly if you are the kind of person who feels irritated when things are out of place.

A clean home is also one that can help you to maintain good health. It is important to reduce the risk of mildew or dampness building up, as these will create unhealthy chi energy. The biggest priorities are the kitchen and bathroom.

Refresh with Feng Shui Best Way to Refresh Yourself with Feng Shui

The best time to give your home a major clean is on a dry, sunny day so that you can open the windows and doors and let fresh, dry air flow through your home. Traditionally cleaning is done in the spring to clear out all the old energy from the autumn and winter.

Fabrics often retain dust and this contributes to a stagnant atmosphere. Each grain of dust retains stale chi energy stored in your home. Cleaning curtains, soft furnishings and carpets will get rid of this old energy allowing fresh new chi energy to enter your home. Cleaning the windows will allow light to shine into your home bringing in even more sunny chi energy.

Spring cleaning

Choose a dry, sunny day and begin by opening all the windows and, if appropriate, the doors. It may help to play your favourite music. Start in the kitchen and then move on to the bathroom, bedrooms, living room and garage as these are the areas where you can make the biggest difference.

Empty all the cupboards, shelves and drawers in each room. Clean all of the places you cannot usually get access to. For example, behind the cooker, refrigerator and washing machine.

Pay particular attention to cupboards under sinks or household equipment that uses water, such as washing machines and dishwashers. If there are any signs of a leak you will need to get it rectified. If there is any dampness you should dry the area thoroughly before replacing items. Check shower curtains for mildew and wash them carefully.

Wash and clean any fabrics you can, including curtains, rugs and chair covers. If possible shampoo your carpets. Take fabrics outside and get rid of as much dust as possible.

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