Best Way to Save Time and Energy in a Garden

Saving time and energy in a garden involves mechanizing tasks and ensuring that the garden’s structure allows these to be used. Additionally, it helps to grow plants that need little attention; some plants are so gardener-friendly that they are both easy to grow and suppress the growth of weeds.

Ground-cover plants

Many plants smother the soil’s surface with attractive leaves and flowers and prevent the growth of weeds. Here are a few of them: Dryas octopetala (mountain avens): Deep green leaves and white, saucer-shaped flowers.

Save Time in Garden Best Way to Save Time and Energy in a Garden

Hosta fortunei ‘Albopicta’ (plantain lily): Pale green leaves, variegated buff yellow.

Lamium galeobdolon ‘Florentinum’ (previously known as L g. ‘Variegatum’ and commonly as variegated yellow archangel): Leaves flushed silver, with attractive, yellow-coloured flowers.

Pulmonaria saccharata (Bethlehem sage): Green leaves spotted silvery-white; pink flowers that change to sky-blue.

Tiarella wherryi (false mitrewort): Pale green, ivy-shaped leaves.

Self-supporting herbaceous plants

Many herbaceous plants need support, but some are self-supporting and thereby reduce the attention required. They are ideal for planting in an ‘island bed’ on a lawn. Here are a few plants to consider:

Achillea millefolium (yarrow): White to cerise flowers in large, flattened heads. Height: 60cm (2ft) Plant: 30-38cm.

Agapanthus ‘Headbourne Hybrids’ (African lily): Large, umbrella-like heads of violet-blue to pale blue flowers. Height: 60-75cm Plant: 38-45cm apart

Anemone x hybrida (Japanese anemone): White or pink flowers up to 7.5cm (3m) wide. Height: 60-90cm Plant: 3o-38cm apart

Camassia quamash (common camosh): White, purple or blue star-like flowers. Height: 60-75cm Plant: 15cm

Save Time in Garden 1 Best Way to Save Time and Energy in a Garden

Inula helenium (elecampane): Large, bright yellow, daisy-like flowers. Height: 90cm-1.2m Plant: 38-45cm apart

The key to time-and labour-efficient gardening is to strike the correct balance between using plants for natural effects and machines for undertaking essential tasks. Get the balance right, and you can spend more time relaxing in the comfort of your garden furniture.

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