Best Way to Save Time and Money on Garden Equipment

Lawn mowers: Regular cleaning after each use is essential for long-term, trouble-free grass cutting with a mower. First, disconnect the cable from the power supply if the mower is an electric type, or turn off the fuel supply if petrol-driven. Use a stiff brush or rag to remove grass clippings and other debris. Dry the surfaces and wipe bright-metal parts with an oily rag. Store a petrol-driven mower in a dry shed or garage (place it on blocks of wood to prevent blades being damaged – this will also keep the machine off a damp floor). Light, hover-type mowers can be hung up. At the end of each mowing season, thoroughly check the blades for alignment and damage. Also, check cables and plugs.

Garden Equipment Best Way to Save Time and Money on Garden Equipment

Strimmers: Nylon cord strimmers (sometimes known as ‘nylon cord trimmers’) are popular, efficient and ideal for cutting long grass, especially when in awkward corners, on steep banks and around trees (but do not damage the bark). They are invariably powered by mains electricity; check that a power breaker (R.C.D.) is fitted into the circuit. After each use, wipe clean and check that there is enough nylon cord left for the next use. It can be exceptionally irritating to run out of cord halfway through a job.

Chain saws: These are lethal tools and only the experienced and confident gardener should use one. There are electric- and petrol-powered types; the former is the one most often used by home gardeners. If you use a chain saw, always observe the following do’s and don’ts:

  • Do wear protective clothing and goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Do regularly check the chain’s tension.
  • Don’t use the saw above waist height.
  • Don’t stand on a ladder, pair of steps or a box to use the saw.
  • Don’t use the saw unless you have a companion with you holding the log being cut.

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