Best Way to Stimulate Your Imagination Using Feng Shui

Your thoughts can change your chi energy and, therefore, the way you feel. The way to alter your mood is by looking at an image that triggers different thoughts in your mind.

Hanging a romantic picture of a couple in an embrace could make you think about being intimate with someone with the result that you actually feel more loving and affectionate.

Imagination Using Feng Shui Best Way to Stimulate Your Imagination Using Feng Shui

Using imagery in this way can be a powerful force in helping you to focus on what you want to achieve in life. Firstly, it is important to know what you want to achieve and, secondly, you need to think about the kind of imagery that would be helpful.

If you are already in a relationship, it is helpful to have pictures in your home that remind you of the best times you have had together. Everyone goes through happy and difficult times in relationships and having reminders of the good times can support both of you when you are going through a challenging period.

Similarly, a single person can think about starting a new relationship when there is positive imagery around to help him or her feel good about meeting someone new. Sometimes the opposite feelings are generated. When a single person who is desperate to start a relationship is surrounded by images of solitary figures, it reinforces his or her lonely situation.

In terms of the energies in your home, it is most effective to put romantic pictures in the south-western, western or south-eastern parts of your home, as these areas relate to long-term relationships, feelings of romance and starting a relationship respectively.

Using images in the home

Look through your photograph albums for pictures that remind you of your happiest times together. Find an attractive frame to mount them in and, if necessary, get the photographs reprinted and enlarged to the appropriate size. Hang them in the south-western, western or south-eastern parts of your home or room, ideally in a position where you can see them clearly. Make sure this area is kept alive by updating the photographs regularly. Carry a camera with you and remember to take new photographs of you both having fun together.

If you want to begin a relationship look for images that symbolize romance. You may find it is more effective to use paintings or sculptures that are better at conveying an impression rather than a photograph of real people. Place the images in the western part of your home or room. In general, keep things in pairs in your home. For example, two flowers sharing a vase or two candles branching out from one stand.

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