Best Way to Use Colors in Clothing

The clothes that you wear can have an even more direct influence, as they are actually within your chi energy field. The same applies to your bedding and the chairs you sit on – the material, color and, to a lesser extent, the style will all help you feel differently. It is usual to notice a discernible change in the way you feel when changing out of formal work clothes into something more yin and relaxing, just as a change into something formal will make you feel more yang and alert.

You can also use clothing to adjust your own chi energy and project a particular impression to others. The same principles apply – using more yang bright colors will help you appear alert, dramatic and expressive, whereas more yin pastel colors will contribute to a calmer, softer and more gentle appearance.

Colors in Clothing Best Way to Use Colors in Clothing

When choosing clothing, use the color chart to decide which aspect of your character you would like to strengthen and then wear clothes of that color. For example, if you want to feel more expressive, social and passionate wear clothes containing some bright purple. Should you want to appear more reliable try grey, white or black.

Using colors in clothing

To be more assertive

This can best be achieved by using the more aggressive, confident chi energy of the east. Bright greens, vertical lines and a fitted cut would all make you appear taller and increase the energy associated with being taken more seriously.

To delegate more

Use the organizational and leadership qualities of the north-west to help. Grey colors, round shapes and a prominent metal watch will help to increase these powers.

Greater recognition

The chi energy of the south will help you be noticed more and receive greater recognition. Use a bright fiery purple, star shapes and silk.

To be more creative

Greater ability to create and communicate can be achieved by boosting the chi energy of the south-east. Vertical lines, greens

To be more competitive

North-eastern chi energy increases this energy. Crisp white clothing with sharp creases will add more north-eastern chi energy.

To have greater charisma

This can be achieved with more western chi energy. Use reds, shiny metal jewellery and round shapes to help increase this energy.

To be able to relax more

More chi energy associated with the north will help you find an inner peace and greater tranquillity. Cream is the ideal color along with flowing loose clothing.

To be more caring and considerate

To help bring out these qualities add more south-western chi energy. Yellows, browns and black should increase this energy along with strong horizontal lines.

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